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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Crumbs on a Sunday afternoon (20.11.2011)

Sunday 20.11.2011

Wake up in the morning feeling like P.Diddy

Grab my glasses, I'm out the door, I'm gonna hit this city... to CRUMBS! haha

Ok I was just kidding around... So ...have you seen these PINKIE's going around, standing somewhere or even stalking someone???

Well, @choulyin & I when over to Crumbs in Pavillion on Sunday and we met some familiar faces and some not so familiar upon arriving there.

All these thanks to

"Have you ever heard of Crumbs? Where is it situated in Pavillion?" one might ask.

Crumbs Pavilion
P1.11.04, Level 1
Pavilion KL

Crumbs came all the way from Hong Kong and landed upon our shores just a few months back. It prides itself with using only products that spells only Q.U.A.L.I.T.Y.
They sell 2 products, mainly the freshly baked-in-house scones and their Signature smooth Frozen Yogurt with exclusive homemade toppings alongside other premium toppings.

There, we paired up forming 4 groups to compete in the "ULTIMATE WORLD FROYO MAKING!"

@choulyin and I trying to make our Froyo

@LinoraLow and @isaactanjs making theirs
Toppings for Froyo & scones

@LinoraLow and @isaactanjs showing off their inventions!

Some of Crumb's toppings & homemade scones.

End product from 4 different groups

And the winner issssss ........................ * drum role *

Picture credits to

Ok I had to "borrow" his pictures on the scones cozzzz the PINK GIRLS ATE THEM SO QUICKLY! Look at the one in the middle, she wasn't looking at the camera... but at the Froyo & scones!

Interested to EAT?? I LOVE DISCOUNT is having a promotion now on their group buying site!


FiSh said...

so you were in a group with choulyin :) anyway nice meetin u that day!

Isaac Tan said...

awesome :) good times with you and the rest. XD nom nom scones and froyos :P

shaun said...

Thanks you guys!! Fish: YUP, i am HE XD

Unknown said...

hmm crumbs :D