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Thursday, September 10, 2009

22nd birthday

My BiRtHDaY PrEsEnTs

a Cadbury Chocolate Bar ;p

CSSUM for their hand made birthday card
(later will snap and upload kiez, I kept it safely in Malacca)

At SFI LeAd CaMp

DiNneR WitH CoUrSeMatEs
@ Wong Kok, SS2
FreE Teh AiS !!

Next week,

Genting Highlands with CrAZY coursemates...

thank you to all those who texted message me [Vincent Lim (my beloved didi), Chun Yian (my beloved adik-teddy bear) , Nicholas Thong (their bff), Raam Kumar, Joel Lee , Alexander Chang, Moira Lim, Adrian Tay, Edmund Tay, etc etc etc ]
thanks also to my many friends, for wishing me on Facebook ;p [ about 100 of them]
thank you for the presents (Maxwell, Felicita, Choulyin)
thank you for SFI LEAD
thanks to my coursemates
thanks to my family that is "throwing money at me" ;p
many thanks to everyone whom I've fail to mention.

ShAuNnY BoY:P ~