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Monday, April 14, 2008


Let's discuss relationship. Well, some may be longer than the other or the idea may not be complete, just be patient be me aite :)

I would like to discuss on 3 points:-

  • blood related siblings

  • god-siblings(pet brother's and sister's as some may call it)

  • adoption

I have gone through many nights, talking over coffee & tea at mamak stalls, having pillow talks & couch talks, on the topic of relationship. In particular, FRIENDSHIP & issues pertaining to my god-sibling. So what do we talk about? I hope I can blog down the idea & concept that we've talked about and what MY thoughts on things are.

So, does the phrase "blood is thicker than water" still stand in this modern era?

Well... I reckon it still does. I look at people and society around me. Well, these days people are most individualistic and materialistic. At times, I too am not far from being those kind. However, I always try to keep myself incheck. Enough about that. From young, siblings get to bond with each other, growing up together. Although with different personalities, NORMALLY siblings would always stick together till old age and when one goes into trouble, another would try to help out in whatever they can if it is in their capacity to do so. I dont know how to explain it but I believe that it is just by nature, blood related siblings share something in common and thats the way it just is.

In my talks with my friend sometime last month I think, she asked me on why do I take friendship seriously. Why do I care so much for my god-bro? Well, I have my reasons. I believe in treating people right. I believe in treating the person and not of who they are...but we do get carried away at time, dont we? ..hehe. I believe in love that my Christian faith has taught me;God is Love ~ Deus Caritas Est!!! To love others as I love myself. Well, if we love someone so much, wouldn't we treat the person nice? PEOPLE, THAT'S THE REASON WHY I AM NICE TO MY GOD-BRO. Sometimes, it just seems so hard on me, to put my faith into practise but I'm trying and I'm tired of trying to justify my concepts but I will faithfully continue to do so. I may at time lose faith in my belief but what is HOPE IF there is no God to hope in; that things will work out fine some way? What is Love IF God is not love; who cares for us?

She also asked me that what if in future you were in trouble, will your god-sibling come to your rescue like what blood related would? (oh we talked bout many family issues, buuuttt I'm not writing it down)...and states that isn't god-sibling merely your friends...

In actual fact, I myself have put some thought into this issue long long time ago. I do agree that there is a GREAT tendency that things would swing that way... that no matter what happens god-siblings are just friends. However, I want to prove this notion wrong...although this is my LAST and FINAL try. I know that my hope is justified and I'll give examples.

**eg 1 : in Christian gatherings, formal or informal, the leader would always use the term 'brothers and sisters in Christ' , 'my venerable brothers' , etc. etc.

Isn't it a paradox, conflicting and hypocritical of people if they used those terms but yet resort to behaviours like help your FAMILY first,think of your family first. Well, I'm not saying you shouldn't. I'm just implying that shouldn't we all treat one another (the human race) equal and of one big family? I'll give another example when I get my hands on adoption.

There was another question posted to me by my god-sibling's close friend. He asked me if I treated my BLOOD RELATED bro the same way as I treat my god-bro. Honestly speaking, no ... not really... not at all. But why? The same reasoning applies here... that blood related relatives simply have the tendency to click and get along with each other. If in future he's in trouble, it is of "family instict" that I would help out in whatever I can and in my capacity. My standard answer to people that asks of me this question is... we have a totally opposite likings and personalities, and we only talk on some stuff FOREVER not touching on personal lives. Yet, as I've mentioned, blood is still thicker than water and I'll be the good guy when he needs my help in future. As for my god-bro,I try to take good care of the relationship with him and more careful in it because the relationship is by far more delicate and fragile in nature. Experience has taught me, not once. But in the end, I also believe that, as the saying goes, 'it takes 2 to tango' or ' tepuk sebelah tangan takkan berbunyi' , in order for this relationship to work.

**eg 2 : Adoption has another complicted matter. While they are not blood related, I believe siblings of this kind an click along quite well. And the only difference between god-sibling (that I have) and of adoption is the use of BINDING LAW. However, more complicated disputes would eventually arise if the parents manage to get a biological child and those siblings might argue over inheritance later on in life. That is not what I want to discuss here right now.

So then again, I emphasize and ask this question... why can't a "god-sibling" relationship work( similar to the adoption concept) if siblings from adoptions can work their way out? **apart from law that binds**

MY answer would be ... who say's it can't?


Monday, (14/4/08) ; Hall-home,Malacca

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Nim's Island

Nim's Island... sounds interesting ... but would you go the the cinema to watch it? Well, don't. I just felt that the story was too simple. This girl, Nim, loves to read stories about adventure particularly on Alex Rover. Later on in the movie, her dad met some accident at sea and was kinda lost at sea as well. However, Nim's "friend" , a stock, helped her dad out. When her dad was away, some people came over to the island in search of a good place for tourist to hang out. Nim was unhappy with it and planned to chase away those "foreigners" away from the island. While doing so, she told Alex Rover (Alexandra Rover) of her problem and that she was all alone. Alexandra Rover is the writer aka creator of Alex Rover. Well, she came rushing to the rescue BUT the problem is, she has a condition called borderline... :P ... I remember that I learnt that from Psychology course I took at HELP (HUC). In the end, after much struggle, Alexandra managed to get to Nim but only to be rejected by her. Nothing much happened then her father found his way back with the help of the stock, and met Alexandra on the island.... lives happily ever after ...THE END.


sunday(13/4/08) ; hall-home, malacca

Saturday, April 12, 2008

<3 <3 LoVe ~

Love is patient and kind; it is not jealous or conceited or proud;
Love is not ill-mannered or selfish or irritable;
Love does not keep a record of wrongs;
Love is not happy with evil,but is happy with the truth.
Love never gives up;and its faith,hope and patience never fail.
Love is eternal.
There are inspired messages,but they are temporary;
there are gifts of speaking in strange tongues,but they will cease;
there is knowledge,but it will pass. For our gift of knowledge and inspired
messages are only partial;but when what is perfect comes,then what is partial
will disappear.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

hectic week

So as of yesterday, I "officially" moved out of U.T. to Xavier Hall. Now, I'm sitting in my new room, without a roommate :P resting, blogging and chatting a little bit, TRYING to meditate and ponder on important questions ... AND HOW WAS MY WEEK? Here we go :)

I came back on Sunday to K.L after the "triple celebrations" not to an empty house. Eunice and Ann Chee was already home. They cooked their dinner and were eating in the hall while watching t.v. As for me, I was still full from the heavy lunch I had at Hi Keng restaurant (not too sure how the spelling is) ... the 'family reunion lunch' was held there to commemorate Cheng Beng.

Moving on, I actually skipped classes on Monday and Tuesday to study for my test and my VIVA which was on wed and the latter, Thursday. Basically it was a boring week with CRAZY MOMENTS. Other than studying for the test and VIVA, this was what I did :-

On Monday, I met Father Chris who was in charge of Xavier Hall... "interview session" ... lolz..

On Tuesday, Raam and I travelled to KLIA airport to bid farewell to Ken Ong. He was heading off to Japan to further his study :) [GOD BE PRAISED!!!! as I have been praying for him to get that scholarship ... He asked us all to pray for him... ] We had our dinner there with his parents and him (obviously he was there :P) He had many calls coming in the whole day. He turned to me and told me that he was happy when Nicholas called him before he left M'sia. It was a sad goodbye, he teared ...I did too but not obvious because I looked away when he was hugging his mom. His father had a "holding back tears" look. Raam looked at me and told me that he didn't want to see it, Edmund looked... hmm ...he just looked at Ken hugging his parents, didn't see him tear :P , Ming Wui, I'm not sure... lolz.. It was quick moment. But the moment came when I felt humbled. Ken was still in touch with his Thai roots. He actually put forth his hands together and asked for his parents blessings to go. He went in, to the business lounge early even though his flight was delayed by an hour. He wanted his parents to drive back early so that they might have a safer journey home to Malacca. I am happy that I was there :) as friends are important to me, what more one of my close friends.

On Wednesday, a few of us wanted to celebrate Mandy's birthday which fell last Saturday... we know it was a little bit off timing... but who cares :P ...Actually I didn't feel like going for it, because I haven't finish studying for my VIVA and it was early the next day...but then again, I went to the "surprise" party. We headed off to a buffet steamboat VERY NEAR to Sunway Pyramid. Sorry, I don't remember the name :P Anyway, I ate and ate and ate until I was seriously full. I've never felt that full before ...fuh... Mandy was happy as her friends (ALL OF US) had given her a memorable 21st birthday and that matters most.


On Thursday, I was supposed to have my VIVA at 10.45am and it was supposed to be 15 minutes thingy. I was the second person to go in for the VIVA. However, I only started at 11.00am because the first girl took my time. She was in the lecturer's office for 30 minutes. Then my turn came. I went in and I experienced aVERY LONG VIVA. It took me 45 minutes instead of 15!!! Deadly!!! I was sadden a little bit but what the heck, I can't do anything no more. So I continued my experiments (the one that exploded) My partner told me that his lecturer (which I was suppose to go for VIVA next week Thursday) told them that I can go for my 2nd VIVA after lunch instead...which I did after some reckoning. It couldn't be much worse than what I've experienced in the morning and true enough it was G R E A T !!! :) but we couldn't finish our experiments because it took soooooooooo freaking long for the water to boil and produce enough steam. Thursday was a little bit tiring. Rested at night.

On Friday, I woke up in the morning and I had to rush to the Physics lab to continue the experiment. FINALLY, we made it. After that I went for CSS meeting aka EXAM MASS celebrated by Father Chris. Later I went shopping with Raam at Midvalley. I needed to get some stuff. In the evening, Raam helped me to carry my things over from ut to xh. I got the guest room but it was dusty. I only managed to clean up the desk, was tired to do more work as I had a loooong day. I went back to ut to sleep there.

On Saturday (TODAY) , I woke up in the morning and got ready to walk over to xh from ut. Started to clean up and clean and clean. Finally I'm done cleaning!!! TIRED!!! That's the reason why I'm sitting down on my bed and blogging now!! Have to maintain the cleanliness so that I don't suffer :P and now... I have to go bathe. My mom (not sure if my dad is following) is on her way to KL. Supposed to meet her at the bus terminal (pudu raya) , then off to Pahang (Genting Highlands) :P the rest of the family is there already if I'm not wrong.

Peace of Christ,


Saturday, (5/4/08) ; room in Xavier Hall, p.j.