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Sunday, March 30, 2008

my weekend in malacca~triple celebrations

So, this weekend I kinda had 3 celebrations over 2 days (Sat & Sun). Sat was my father's bday and parents anniversary ... and on Sun was cheng beng prayers... so both days we had table fellowship :)

my cousin's son, Brandon ~in chinese tradition, that makes me an uncle... :P and the gal is my cousin(his aunts too :P)Brandon being stubborn, dunwanna sit on the chair my cousin, Cheng Cheng - Brandon's mom's sister

Cuz and i playing around ~camwhoring ?? we actually took 3 pics~taking turns ... one more pic in cousins camera

my cousin, Daniel
and his sister & dad
cuz & i
aunty-nephew moment :P

guess who is the uncle now??

uncle- nephew playing with my sandals...
Pei Chen

Cheng Cheng is taking care of Adrian ... Brandon jealous?? hehe

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dedicate this post to Vince(bro) & Nic(his close friend)

Well, some of you might be wondering.. hmm, who is this Nic, and who is this Vincent(he's my baby brother)... So,
I would like to dedicate this post to my bro, Vince and his close friend, Nic :P

Picture 1: Nic (left) and Vince(right) ...both of them thinks that they are cuter than baby Adrian :P

Picture 2 - 9 : my baby brother's fav car : Nissan Skyline GTR 2008 model

Picture 10 & 11 : Nic's fav American Idol :P ... helping him with publicity ?? hehe's David Archuleta!!!!!

Friday, March 28, 2008


So maybe you are thinking...hmm...whats up with Shaun :P ...looking for updates in his blog right ? ...hehe. Alright, here we go.

Lets look into Thursday, my classes started at 8.30 a.m. and it continued up till 5.00pm... WOW, right ? hehe.. My physics lab work started 10 a.m. and ended at 5.oop.m. So the day started rather dull as my friend, Raam, was already moving out, and my other housemates were all out; one in Gopeng, another in Malacca & another in class. :P ... Thursdays are really quiet in University Malaya :P ... pupils just dont have classes or they already went back to their hometowns.

I was supposed to do an experiment to find the metal conductivity of the metal bar by Angstroms method. My lab partner, Helmi and I were bored by the experiment as we had to wait for very long time for the water to boil. The fun only started at about 4p.m. , an hour before lab ended...when I hit the cork hard into the steam escape hole with a ruler :P The pressure in the pot was building up but I was not seeing any steam going into the hose, that was suppose to heat up the metal (that's the reason why I hit the cork :P) ....then .... BOOOOOMMMM!!!!!!!

Picture 1, it's the pot used to boil the water...the white thing is the tube, the cork is on the retort stand, and the "hole" is on top of the pot...

Picture 2, the stains on the ceiling...HAHA..there's a cork mark somewhere on the ceiling as well... "It may look like I did it, but I didn't do it " (Remember the Linggam case?? haha) That wasn't me...

Immediately after the explosion went off, my lab partner , he JUMPED OFF HIS CHAIR and SQUATED DOWN WITH HIS HANDS TO HIS EAR!!! Nicholas gave me the idea to use the phrase "balls fell down" to describe my lab partner as I was searching for a translation for 'meniarap' :P He (Helmi) did the bomb drill ..HAHA!!! As for me, I just sat in my chair the whole time, even though I was nearer to the pot and the "hot" water splashed on me... the "hot" water wasn't hot after all :P The lab assistant was in the room when it happened. Apparently we were all chatting...haha. Then came running in was the tutors and the lecturer incharge, Dr. Chin. She asked if we were alright and if were we burned.


..then later on in the bus, a Malay girl sat beside me...we talked a little here and there...then we went on with our business till we're back in Malacca. She asked me if I was working in Malacca. Then I answered her no ... She continued saying that I looked like a foreigner :P haha, then she asked about my earing... and said that it looked cool on me :P :P :P haha...


a picture taken from University LRT station and a picture of Malacca City Hall

Signing off for this post

(28/3/08), Friday; Location: My room~Malacca :P

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Cute :P

This is my cousin's son, Adrian Ho...
And behind is my 2nd mom, "mummy Aget" a shortformed name for Margaret... have another mom, her sister... "mummy Anna" :P
Oh yea, mummy Anna is the grandmother of Adrian, and the sister of mummy Aget...
CUTE OR NOT ?? lolz..
will update with more pics of him when I get back to my hometown :P
Location:U.T. , K.L.
Time: 2.11pm
Date: 25/3/08 (Tuesday)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Lets talk abortion...

What do you think about abortion? When does life start? This are questions that we, as human beings, should ponder about. For some people, the argument that abortion is a RIGHT of the women to dispose of her baby while for some, they argue that babies should be given a chance to live. So what do I have to say about this?

Lets start the discussion with life. When does it start? Can we consider that an embryo (a 'cell' that forms after sperm and ovum has combined) a living 'creature'? For a very long time, I've been struggling with this questions. The Catholic Church proclaims that life starts at conception. As for my personal opinion, I think that an embryo is just another bodily cell. But as a Catholic, I am obliged to state the church's teachings. However, that's not the point. The point is, from this essential question derives another important question that we are discussing - abortion ~ the taking away of an innocent life.

For a very long time, I have hold on to my personal opinion that abortion should be allowed, in CERTAIN cases only. For example, I thought that if a women conceives a baby by having sex out of wedlock, the women should be held responsible for the child (as sex is of her own choice) and she must carry the pregnancy to term. However, if a women was raped, she should be given a chance to live without shame; be given the space to move on by aborting the RAPIST's baby. I hold on to that belief and conviction for sometime now.

BUT within these few month, i just woke up one day and decided that abortion should be RULED OUT altogether. Why a sudden change of heart? I've read some articles and all that didn't change what I thought of abortion but why now? It's basically simple. My 'decision' was on the basis of humanity; on the basis of sense of VALUE towards life; on the basis that life COMES from GOD. LIFE IS A GIFT. Life is not a 'material' to be owned, or to be played with. Abortion also will cause the baby to feel a whole lot of pain before the baby return to its Creator. Why deprive a LIFE a chance to live? Maybe, one may argue that if one is raped, how can we let her go through the shamefulness, pain and emotional turbulence? My question is, how can humanity be so self-centered & so selfish, and isn't killing wrong? One option a women can take is, after giving birth to the baby, give it up for adoption. That's a more dignified action as humans are the highest & most inteligent form of God's creature.

And about life, does it start at conception? I've no idea :P I'm not done thinking yet ... haha

Signing off,

+ shaun ~

(20/3/08) Thursday @2.29pm
Location : home,malacca

Friday, March 14, 2008


Yesterday-Todays Sad Story

Last night, Isaac told me that he had news from Fr. Chris that CSS's in the whole archdiocese would be closing down. And today i confirmed the news from Fr. Chris's blog. According to Isaac, only the Malacca-Johore diocese bishop ( His Grace Bishop Paul Tan, SJ - my bishop back home :P) was the only one that supported campus ministries. After confirming, I texted Moira, the president of CSS UM about this news. She herself doesn't know about this and she asked me when would it take effect. I dont know when but soon I guess.

Another news, the Archbishop of Mosul, Iraq (Archbishop Ranho) was found dead after the kidnapping that took place approximately 1 week ago. I would like to extend my deepest heartfelt condolences and spritual closeness to the Chaldean Catholic church for the death of her leader. May God strengthen your faith to be His witness, the light and salt of the earth, in that region of conflict and unrest. AMEN!!!



(14/3/08), Friday @3.27pm
Location- UT

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Marianne's comment on 'my weekend'

I guess a lot of us feel this way about God, particularly now at this time of our lives here in uni. a Methodist youth worker on a bus to penang (where else? ;)) told me that youths tend to mix up 'the feel good factor' with the 'holy experience of God', and I can't help but agree.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

my weekend (@@)

So here it goes...

Saturday evening finally came. It was time for me to get ready to go to St. Ignatius Church. I promised my bro (VINCENT) that i would go to the overnight vigil for youths organised by ASAYO. It was from 8.00pm Saturday till 7.00am Sunday. Apparently he was with the CKK music ministry group and that night he was playing a few songs for the Praise & Worship session. So i went all alone. If it were not for him, i wouldnt have gone anyway. ( I was being bad... lolz...i didn't go there for Jesus ... SOWIE)

So when i got there, there were so many youths gathered in the hall already. I walked to the end of the hall and i sat behind. I saw my bro and i was contented. I have not seen him for approximately 3 months already... but when i was there, in the midst of 520 Roman Catholic youths, i felt lonely... at least for about 1 1/2 hour at least. The guy on my right finally introduced himself (Andrew) and his friend (Rema). We started talking and well ... I wasn't alone at last. But what went through my mind when i was left alone??

I thought of how superficial youths at bigger gatherings were. Sometimes we hear them say, "Oh, what a great experience to see so many people share the same faith gathered at this same place to praise and worship God" or how others might say " Oh, we met new people and we bonded well as we are brother and sister in Christ". Automatically, the word BULLSHIT came into my mind. I also felt bad (in the midst of people praising God ) to the point of asking myself what am i doing staying in the Catholic faith. I have never really felt the presence of Christ in my life (though i sometimes see small "miracles") or never have i been touched by the Holy Spirit.
For i myself know that no matter how speakers/facilitators tried their very best to impress me
with what Jesus has done for me with their many ways ... (movie included)... I've never really felt a sense of pity/empathy. I don't know why, but that's the real way i feel. I go to church every Sunday praying that one day i will feel God and I'm only worried that i might lose my faith by then. I'm simply not being a WITNESS but I'm just a follower, relying on the faith of others. When Lord would you come and safe me??

So, when i wasn't 'alone' anymore, there was a session given. And in the midst of all those inspiring words and jokes... the fever of the election crept in ... I heard "Samy Vellu lost already", then people around starts sms-ing , i too had a call :P and the best thing is...i went to this overnight vigil without my parents knowing, i didn't tell them as i thought its just a church thingy.. My mom called and told me not to go out, being afraid of a riot breakout :P

So then we had supper at about 12am. Met few new teenagers from Lifeteen CKK. They were Paula, Cheryl and Charmaine. My bro did not notice me around ..hehe.. I kept low profile. I think he was looking for me at the rooftop (that was where we had our supper). Later on I smsed him, asking how things are going...he was like... why aren't you here?? Sensing his slight disappointment i told him to look 7 o'clock and finally he saw me :P that was like at 1am. :D

So, after supper, we continued with Stations of the Cross. We journeyed the 14 stations with movie I've mentioned earlier...I just felt like throwing up (just after supper) at seeing the brutality done unto Jesus, but i wasn't so touched as i have watched the movie before. well, some people cried... but not me. I don't know why but as i tried my best to reflect on the face of Jesus, i kept seeing my bro's image, and it made me think that MAYBE God is calling me through my lil bro. Maybe that was God's way for inviting me to meet Him, getting intouch with the Lord, by attending this gathering.... ya d ya d ya da... Taize, adoration before the Holy Sacrament or confession was carried out, we had to choose one and i chose Taize :) ... after that if I'm not wrong was Mass... I wasn't so alert by then ( approx 5am) and the mass was quad-lingual. So, after mass, i wanted to speak to my least to say goodbye as my new found friend offered to send me back home :P but my bro had to pack things up. So i didn't manage to speak to him face to face at all...

In the end, now... I'm a little bit disappointed in myself as did not do my best to make my rendezvous with my brother memorable, or even great... :(

Reached home about 7am, took a nap and later at 1.30pm, i attended a discussion on leadership by K.L.C.C. (CSS's). Went to mass at 5.30pm again and dinner then back home...



bro - you know who you are :P
if you want your name to appear, just say it and its done :P


Signing off,

~shaun~ @11.42pm,sun (9/3/08)

Friday, March 7, 2008

my day, my thoughts ?

Friday has finally arrived!!! Well...woke up late this morning (every day have to wake up early coz class starts at 8.30/9.00am) , was slightly lazy to budge from my bed :P . Well, in the afternoon, I followed Raam and his brother to the LRT station to drop them off there then take his car home to UT.

From then on have been online till now going through my facebook, friendster,, some video clips from You-Tube regarding the elections tomorrow. Sorry i dont have the links but do check it out (V for vendeta & election blah blah blah) . Its funny & one of it looks prefessional :P

Anyway, it always come back to certain questions that i've been reckoning about. Now at present, the question of running for EB(executive board) elections are on my mind. Many friends have told me to run for it, and well,my closer ones already think that i would run for it , even though i myself havent really decided it yet. It's particularly because my friends think that they know me too well already :) but are they sure ??? hmmm .... lolz

Last wednesday, 2 friends of mine, Eunice, Raam (both my housemates) and I went out for supper and we started talking. We started sharing more of our personal lives with each other and it was a lil bit shocking what i heard from them as i didnt notice (they also nvr told me) the "things" that happened in their lives back in those "uniform wearing" days. We took turns, we really did :P From Raam to Eunice (she didnt tell us alot that night- but we do talk on other occasions) then lastly my turn.

Their input of me was that i care too much... for people and worried about petty things... to a certain degree i do agree. Then we talked about our love life... lolz...i totally forgot who my crushes were...(all those gals that i never went into an official relationships) but Raam remembered them all :P and we moved on to more serious stuff... AIESEC EB elections, my "ego", and my "control" over life, my godbro, me thinking alot. Then i told them why at times I'm like that.. probably religion thought me to think and care a little bit more. Maybe my interest in psychology and philosophy (what great saints or smart asses said in the past) keeps me thinking as well ... Both of them reacons that i am a tough nut to crack :P i ?? and they also reckon that i, most of the time, know what i am doing. Thats practically why they dont 'worry' much about me :)

What else did we talk?? Ohh, how can i forget... FRIENDSHIP. I told them in general of my ideals and thoughts, classifications of friendship and how im losing my admiration to the concept of friendship. Well, since we are on the friendship topic , just the day before, i attended mass+novena to St. Francis Xavier and the sermon the Jesuit priest gave was about friendship. In a nut shell , he mentioned friendship = love & affection and that true friendship brings about good, and how the Jesuit Fathers of old had this ideals in common. This got me just pondering about those ideals once again, it looks like i do have something in common with those people of old. But the difference is, im losing that true sense of friendship ( starting to stop believing in those ideals) not because im not faithful, but because society has lost its concept and its pressuring me down to even believe it exist in this modern age. As my mom also used to say to my brother when he goes out often giving priority to outings
Are your friends giving you money and feeding you??

So are you my friend? or are you my "friend". Dear readers, let us revive the true meaning of friendship and be a true friend, a true brother of all, to help others without reckoning of the benefits or even reckon of how much service and effort you have to put in. Let us all live for good.

We build bridges to unite, not walls to divide

~Pope John Paul II~

signing off,


As Malaysia is getting ready for her 12th general elections, many drama's are being played for the world to see. Many promises made but mostly are left unfulfilled since the last general election. Politicians nowadays arent true to their calling no more...It's not the passion to service, the giving of one's self for the benefit of all that drives them...but worldly things... more is being said than done.
They are not true leaders that holds true to ideal precepts and values. instead, they shout out loud from the rooftops offending others with words of racism, threats, sexism, arguing like kids in the house of law. Is this what we are teaching our society nowadays ?? That we are hypocrites living in the "progressing world" that look with awe only to mammon, that champions good values but not living it, that we vote for a party just for the sake of wealth or threats, against our conscience for a "better world" without paying any attention to the future of our wellbeing ?? there are many unjust instances in our society and someone needs to help us get rid of it. why not you? vote with wisdom.