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Friday, March 7, 2008

As Malaysia is getting ready for her 12th general elections, many drama's are being played for the world to see. Many promises made but mostly are left unfulfilled since the last general election. Politicians nowadays arent true to their calling no more...It's not the passion to service, the giving of one's self for the benefit of all that drives them...but worldly things... more is being said than done.
They are not true leaders that holds true to ideal precepts and values. instead, they shout out loud from the rooftops offending others with words of racism, threats, sexism, arguing like kids in the house of law. Is this what we are teaching our society nowadays ?? That we are hypocrites living in the "progressing world" that look with awe only to mammon, that champions good values but not living it, that we vote for a party just for the sake of wealth or threats, against our conscience for a "better world" without paying any attention to the future of our wellbeing ?? there are many unjust instances in our society and someone needs to help us get rid of it. why not you? vote with wisdom.