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Friday, March 28, 2008


So maybe you are thinking...hmm...whats up with Shaun :P ...looking for updates in his blog right ? ...hehe. Alright, here we go.

Lets look into Thursday, my classes started at 8.30 a.m. and it continued up till 5.00pm... WOW, right ? hehe.. My physics lab work started 10 a.m. and ended at 5.oop.m. So the day started rather dull as my friend, Raam, was already moving out, and my other housemates were all out; one in Gopeng, another in Malacca & another in class. :P ... Thursdays are really quiet in University Malaya :P ... pupils just dont have classes or they already went back to their hometowns.

I was supposed to do an experiment to find the metal conductivity of the metal bar by Angstroms method. My lab partner, Helmi and I were bored by the experiment as we had to wait for very long time for the water to boil. The fun only started at about 4p.m. , an hour before lab ended...when I hit the cork hard into the steam escape hole with a ruler :P The pressure in the pot was building up but I was not seeing any steam going into the hose, that was suppose to heat up the metal (that's the reason why I hit the cork :P) ....then .... BOOOOOMMMM!!!!!!!

Picture 1, it's the pot used to boil the water...the white thing is the tube, the cork is on the retort stand, and the "hole" is on top of the pot...

Picture 2, the stains on the ceiling...HAHA..there's a cork mark somewhere on the ceiling as well... "It may look like I did it, but I didn't do it " (Remember the Linggam case?? haha) That wasn't me...

Immediately after the explosion went off, my lab partner , he JUMPED OFF HIS CHAIR and SQUATED DOWN WITH HIS HANDS TO HIS EAR!!! Nicholas gave me the idea to use the phrase "balls fell down" to describe my lab partner as I was searching for a translation for 'meniarap' :P He (Helmi) did the bomb drill ..HAHA!!! As for me, I just sat in my chair the whole time, even though I was nearer to the pot and the "hot" water splashed on me... the "hot" water wasn't hot after all :P The lab assistant was in the room when it happened. Apparently we were all chatting...haha. Then came running in was the tutors and the lecturer incharge, Dr. Chin. She asked if we were alright and if were we burned.


..then later on in the bus, a Malay girl sat beside me...we talked a little here and there...then we went on with our business till we're back in Malacca. She asked me if I was working in Malacca. Then I answered her no ... She continued saying that I looked like a foreigner :P haha, then she asked about my earing... and said that it looked cool on me :P :P :P haha...


a picture taken from University LRT station and a picture of Malacca City Hall

Signing off for this post

(28/3/08), Friday; Location: My room~Malacca :P


eunice said...

haha...dat's funny...i thk if i'm at da scene...i'll burst into laughter for sure!haha