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Friday, March 7, 2008

my day, my thoughts ?

Friday has finally arrived!!! Well...woke up late this morning (every day have to wake up early coz class starts at 8.30/9.00am) , was slightly lazy to budge from my bed :P . Well, in the afternoon, I followed Raam and his brother to the LRT station to drop them off there then take his car home to UT.

From then on have been online till now going through my facebook, friendster,, some video clips from You-Tube regarding the elections tomorrow. Sorry i dont have the links but do check it out (V for vendeta & election blah blah blah) . Its funny & one of it looks prefessional :P

Anyway, it always come back to certain questions that i've been reckoning about. Now at present, the question of running for EB(executive board) elections are on my mind. Many friends have told me to run for it, and well,my closer ones already think that i would run for it , even though i myself havent really decided it yet. It's particularly because my friends think that they know me too well already :) but are they sure ??? hmmm .... lolz

Last wednesday, 2 friends of mine, Eunice, Raam (both my housemates) and I went out for supper and we started talking. We started sharing more of our personal lives with each other and it was a lil bit shocking what i heard from them as i didnt notice (they also nvr told me) the "things" that happened in their lives back in those "uniform wearing" days. We took turns, we really did :P From Raam to Eunice (she didnt tell us alot that night- but we do talk on other occasions) then lastly my turn.

Their input of me was that i care too much... for people and worried about petty things... to a certain degree i do agree. Then we talked about our love life... lolz...i totally forgot who my crushes were...(all those gals that i never went into an official relationships) but Raam remembered them all :P and we moved on to more serious stuff... AIESEC EB elections, my "ego", and my "control" over life, my godbro, me thinking alot. Then i told them why at times I'm like that.. probably religion thought me to think and care a little bit more. Maybe my interest in psychology and philosophy (what great saints or smart asses said in the past) keeps me thinking as well ... Both of them reacons that i am a tough nut to crack :P i ?? and they also reckon that i, most of the time, know what i am doing. Thats practically why they dont 'worry' much about me :)

What else did we talk?? Ohh, how can i forget... FRIENDSHIP. I told them in general of my ideals and thoughts, classifications of friendship and how im losing my admiration to the concept of friendship. Well, since we are on the friendship topic , just the day before, i attended mass+novena to St. Francis Xavier and the sermon the Jesuit priest gave was about friendship. In a nut shell , he mentioned friendship = love & affection and that true friendship brings about good, and how the Jesuit Fathers of old had this ideals in common. This got me just pondering about those ideals once again, it looks like i do have something in common with those people of old. But the difference is, im losing that true sense of friendship ( starting to stop believing in those ideals) not because im not faithful, but because society has lost its concept and its pressuring me down to even believe it exist in this modern age. As my mom also used to say to my brother when he goes out often giving priority to outings
Are your friends giving you money and feeding you??

So are you my friend? or are you my "friend". Dear readers, let us revive the true meaning of friendship and be a true friend, a true brother of all, to help others without reckoning of the benefits or even reckon of how much service and effort you have to put in. Let us all live for good.

We build bridges to unite, not walls to divide

~Pope John Paul II~

signing off,



Melvin said...

well i say friendship can be classified into two types, one is those who use you, the other is the true friendship. You can never see true friendship until you need help and there is where true friendship is. Those who help you and request nothing in return.

Eunice said...

Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.And life is too short to be cheer up and dont thk too much!

Anonymous said...

i'm intrigued by your posts for you show maturity and thoughts that are deep and beyond your age... i think it's good, maybe even great, that you question almost everything u see...and i agree it's due to ur fascination in psychology and desire to understand the things that happen around you and the people involved... good friends are out there and some people take more time to find them because we look for the 'true' kind of friends and don't want to settle for acquaintances. but you'll find them if you learn to see and not look. don't forget to appreciate the good things we have just because we've been seeing the bad or not-so-good things around...
take care, Shaun!