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Saturday, October 16, 2010


Oct 15th, Friday

Yesterday, I had a very productive day.

Started the day very early with time alone, breakfast, classes and lastly social outing!

At around noon, someone special came to pick me up at University LRT. First time meeting, but not soooo new to each other.

Went out for lunch at Tony Romas + movie + Starbucks

All in all had a great time with the special someone :)

At night, went out for dinner with housemates+friends at Ming Tian.

Some chit chat session as usual.

I observe that my life has been quite eventful, colourful, and loads of chit chat with friends.
My life wasn't so full of wonderful gifts for a number of years since I came to KL.

I was happy. I am happy :)

p.s no authorization to use the photo of the special someone .. lolx


Thursday, October 14, 2010

self reflexion

The recent accident on the highway made a slight impact on me. Well, more so after mom called me the other night. Ever since, I am trying my best to sympathize and empathize with what the families of the deceased and those who are badly injured.

My thoughts turned to my own family. My wild mind wondered far. I thought of what situation would I be in if my mom actually bought the bus ticket. What if my younger brother boarded that poor and miserable bus? I thought of the suffering my family would be going through, if either my brother or I was on that bus. ...

Then my thoughts turned to Divine Providence and Intervention. I asked myself, what if it was heaven? What if my family was somehow protected? I questioned if my years of prayers being fulfilled before my very eyes.

My thoughts turned again towards heaven as I walk silently and alone. Is that really my vocation? Am I really called to sacrifice myself, for others. I remember giving the very same reason when I was much much younger towards fulfilling my so called vocation. That through me, those around me will receive much blessings.

Hmmm ... my day?
Well, it was generally good, but who I am kidding.


Friday, October 8, 2010

outing-Charlie St. Cloud

Oct 8; (Fri) 12.05a.m.

Had lunch yesterday (Thursday) at Noodle Station. The food wasn't that bad. Movie watched; entitled Charlie St. Cloud. The movie had some elements of truth. What struck me most was the relationship between the older brother [Charlie St. Cloud] and the younger [Sam St. Cloud].

The Love. The Brotherhood. The Dedication. The Faithfulness. The Affection. The Care.

The unwillingness to let go is also something that is related to us in life. In the movie, Charlie was given a second chance by God to live his life after an accident. Sam on the other hand died in the crash. Unwilling to move on, Charlie hold on to his dead brother for 5 years. Only after letting go, his younger brother 'saw the light' and entered Heaven, a 'place/state' of perpetual joy.

This point is important to us. Souls do get stuck in this world after death. And the main reason is sometimes due to 'unfinished business' or in other words, souls are tied down by their unwillingness to let go of something. The soul is attached to something (material) or someone. In the Bible, Christ gave us an example to live by. Jesus told Mary of Magdalene to not hold on to Him after the resurrection, instead, go back to the community.

The moral of the story?
Do not get attached to things that do not last. :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Father Nobu leaves for Germany night

Oct 6; 2.21am

Last night, I followed Brother Gerard to Kl Sentral to bid good bye to Father Nobu from Japan.
He was to leave Malaysia in order to resume his journey to Germany.

Was surprised to receive a letter from him. All of us that met him did.

His letter was short and sweet. It wasn't so much of the content, but the thought of actually remembering what I said, what I am, or at least, what I projected I am (how I market myself) etc.

Later, I joined the group (Lydia, Yen Hwa, Jeremy, Sebastian, Angela and Rebecca) to have a drink at Sahur.

Replied the letter by Fr. and now, sitting and scribbling some notes here.

Am having some mixed thoughts and feelings right now. But I guess I can't really articulate it.
Or else it wouldn't be MIXED thoughts.. :)

Best to just let it be.

Good night.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Guardian Angels

Oct 2

Today marks the Feast Day of Guardian Angels celebrated in the Roman Catholic Church.

When we speak of angels, the first thing that comes to mind is a spiritual being in the image of man

but with the exceptional addition of wings... in order words.. WINGED CREATURES.

And many people are fascinated by the idea of having a protector, intercessor of prayers, etc etc.

But the real meaning of an Angel is not that they are spiritual, winged creatures...

An angel is the OFFICE in which the spiritual creatures holds.
It is what they do, that makes them an angel; not their nature.

May your guardian angel continue to intercede for you as they continually offer your prayers and theirs at the altar of God in heaven.