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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Father Nobu leaves for Germany night

Oct 6; 2.21am

Last night, I followed Brother Gerard to Kl Sentral to bid good bye to Father Nobu from Japan.
He was to leave Malaysia in order to resume his journey to Germany.

Was surprised to receive a letter from him. All of us that met him did.

His letter was short and sweet. It wasn't so much of the content, but the thought of actually remembering what I said, what I am, or at least, what I projected I am (how I market myself) etc.

Later, I joined the group (Lydia, Yen Hwa, Jeremy, Sebastian, Angela and Rebecca) to have a drink at Sahur.

Replied the letter by Fr. and now, sitting and scribbling some notes here.

Am having some mixed thoughts and feelings right now. But I guess I can't really articulate it.
Or else it wouldn't be MIXED thoughts.. :)

Best to just let it be.

Good night.