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Thursday, October 14, 2010

self reflexion

The recent accident on the highway made a slight impact on me. Well, more so after mom called me the other night. Ever since, I am trying my best to sympathize and empathize with what the families of the deceased and those who are badly injured.

My thoughts turned to my own family. My wild mind wondered far. I thought of what situation would I be in if my mom actually bought the bus ticket. What if my younger brother boarded that poor and miserable bus? I thought of the suffering my family would be going through, if either my brother or I was on that bus. ...

Then my thoughts turned to Divine Providence and Intervention. I asked myself, what if it was heaven? What if my family was somehow protected? I questioned if my years of prayers being fulfilled before my very eyes.

My thoughts turned again towards heaven as I walk silently and alone. Is that really my vocation? Am I really called to sacrifice myself, for others. I remember giving the very same reason when I was much much younger towards fulfilling my so called vocation. That through me, those around me will receive much blessings.

Hmmm ... my day?
Well, it was generally good, but who I am kidding.



hloo said...

close call.. i was on the way up too..