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    Friday, November 25, 2011

    Sausage Fest!!!

    Last Thursday (24.11.2011), SausageFest was held at Laundry Bar @ The Curve.

    This is my first time to an event that actually featured ONLY MALAYSIAN bands. I know that I have a few friends who are serious in music and are in bands, but this is my first time actually listening.

    I went there with no expectation, literally NO knowledge of Malaysian bands and how good/bad they are. The only exception is the band called An Honest Mistake.... That also is because one of my friend is in there... YET I have not heard any of their songs AT ALL. ;p

    The reason for the festival was to raise MONEY ($$$) for underprivileged children in order for the to learn ARTS. Money will be channelled to cultivate the inner artist in them.
    Here are some pictures of the festivities...

    We were "greeted" with these signs as you enter Laundry Bar.
    Sausage was priced at RM3/stick & there was a lucky draw

    And there is a counter for registration...
    Look at the two persons... The handsome and the BEAUTIFUL. No idea who they were...until one of them performed. lolx and they handed out DUREX 'door gifts' to us.

    The event started with the gentleman and the sexy, beautiful lady..
    Again, didn't know who they were... They thanked us, bloggers, for coming to the event.
    Didn't know them until .......
    First up, performance by Seconds To Collide.

    The performance wasn't the best from them. I didn't personally like it due to the sound system. The music was not bad, and I felt that the lead singer's voice, Ryota Katayama, was drowned by the music. He had a nice voice, but I couldn't make up the words/ hear much.


    Up next ... An Honest Mistake

    I would say this is my first time listening to them... And I felt that this is my personal favourite!

    Do you see them "sweeping the floor" ?? XD



    Then cameeee... the Rosevelt !!!!!

    Another one of my favouritesss XD

    The lead singer had time to pose for the camera while performing!!!
    He must had time to learn the art of CAM-WHoring isn't it. lol

    Then cameeeee ......

    Recognise the 3 persons that 'greeted' the bloggers? hahaha..
    Then only I knew who they were ;p

    Good music only goes well with good company

    THE Bloggerrrzzzzz

    P.S We did get LOADS of Sausages about RM30 worth minimum...
    Photocredits to Benjamin, Richard

    Hope this post will raise some awareness about Sausage Fest and the good deeds that come along with it!!

    Wednesday, November 23, 2011

    Puss In Boots (22.11.2011)

    Have you seen this cutie pie??? Guess what!! HE IS BACK!!!

    Do they look similar?


    See See!!! See they look alike?? I found these little kittens behind the kitchen area. And I went SNAP SNAP SNAP!! That was just how much I anticipated this Premier Movie Screening!!

    Now all grown up and with much macho-ness...

    Thanks to @Nuffnang, I was able to watch this for F.R.E.E !

    This movie talks about this orphaned kitten who grew up in a small town and started befriending Humpty Alexander Dumpty. Humpty is a big dreamer and is highly focused on achieving his goal. As they were growing up, Humpty got corrupted by greed and money that he lost sight of what truly matters.

    Even after many years, Humpty did not give up on his big dream, which was to find the magical beans which was helped on to by Jack & Jill. The magical beans was to be planted, only to grow to the heavens so that one could climb up and retrieve the golden eggs from the geese. With Puss's help, Humpty managed to achieve that long time dream of his, through deception, once AGAIN!
    I feel that the movie was about MIXTURES; mixtures of a few fairy tales and of its values. The movie portrayed elements of love & hate, honesty & deceit, friendships, passion & love.

    I believe that this movie has brought us back in time to our childhood when we all aspire to become someone great, to dream the impossible.

    I would give a rating of 6/10. There were funny moments, there were more exciting moments. However, there were also draggy boring moments that it did not stop me from taking a short nap. I guess I just expected more out of this.

    Main casts :-

    Tuesday, November 22, 2011

    Crumbs on a Sunday afternoon (20.11.2011)

    Sunday 20.11.2011

    Wake up in the morning feeling like P.Diddy

    Grab my glasses, I'm out the door, I'm gonna hit this city... to CRUMBS! haha

    Ok I was just kidding around... So ...have you seen these PINKIE's going around, standing somewhere or even stalking someone???

    Well, @choulyin & I when over to Crumbs in Pavillion on Sunday and we met some familiar faces and some not so familiar upon arriving there.

    All these thanks to

    "Have you ever heard of Crumbs? Where is it situated in Pavillion?" one might ask.

    Crumbs Pavilion
    P1.11.04, Level 1
    Pavilion KL

    Crumbs came all the way from Hong Kong and landed upon our shores just a few months back. It prides itself with using only products that spells only Q.U.A.L.I.T.Y.
    They sell 2 products, mainly the freshly baked-in-house scones and their Signature smooth Frozen Yogurt with exclusive homemade toppings alongside other premium toppings.

    There, we paired up forming 4 groups to compete in the "ULTIMATE WORLD FROYO MAKING!"

    @choulyin and I trying to make our Froyo

    @LinoraLow and @isaactanjs making theirs
    Toppings for Froyo & scones

    @LinoraLow and @isaactanjs showing off their inventions!

    Some of Crumb's toppings & homemade scones.

    End product from 4 different groups

    And the winner issssss ........................ * drum role *

    Picture credits to

    Ok I had to "borrow" his pictures on the scones cozzzz the PINK GIRLS ATE THEM SO QUICKLY! Look at the one in the middle, she wasn't looking at the camera... but at the Froyo & scones!

    Interested to EAT?? I LOVE DISCOUNT is having a promotion now on their group buying site!

    Monday, November 21, 2011

    Snippets of My Week

    It all started last weekend, with my first "visit" to Hennessy Artistry.

    The came Tuesday night, (15.11.2011), a surprise "party" for Richard ( @richardT30 )was held.

    I crushed his "hopes" of going back late on his birthday. On Wednesday (16.11.2011), we celebrated his birthday with a dinner at TGIF at Curve.

    On Thursday, there was the Zee Avi concert. Although I had tickets, I had to skip the concert as I need some time to rest and prepare myself for the coming week. I also did not go to the concert because I had to pick up my tickets from @MyDKualaLumpur at SS2, Murni.

    Friday, it was time to pay homage to Their Royal Highnesses, the King's and Queen of Comedy Asia 2!

    Saturday was also filled with much events!! I had to attend Mixology 'class' thanks to @TimeOutKL.

    Followed by Muay Thai The Challenger courtesy of @TourismSelangor

    And FINALLY Sunday dawned upon me.... I was invited by @ilovediscountmy to visit Crumbs situated at Pavillion.

    MORE MORE "Interesting Pictures" and more detailed posts will be update soon... Like I've said, this is only snippets, a peek into the past week.

    Coming up next, Puss in Boots ... Breaking Dawn .... Sausage Fest at Laundry Bar ... And Aladdin Musical !!!

    Stay TUNED!!

    Oh and Malaysia just won FOOTBALL !! Go #HarimauMuda!!

    Saturday, November 12, 2011

    [FOOD] Review: Nelayan Village, Sunway Giza

    So last Thursday, I went to a food review together with a few other bloggers.

    We were invited to eat and do a review at Nelayan Village @ Sunway Giza in Kota Damansara. I can bet many of you guys have never heard nor seen this place. Well, coz it's NEW! Just a little 1 month old to baby to date!! I take this opportunity to thank I LOVE DISCOUNTS (twitter @ilovediscountmy )

    Seen this man?? WANTED!

    Operations Manager, Jerome

    So you might be asking, SO, what is their speciality?


    Here are some pictures that I took to show what kind of food that is available IF you come and EAT your heart out!! I know you will!


    Types of Topping for Desserts

    uncooked food...

    Fresh seafood ain't it

    Ok... Here are some pictures from my friend, Benjamin, who also was there with me... I stopped taking pictures COZ THE FOOD WAS COOKING and I got busy EATING!

    The ambience here is not bad at all! Well, if minus the crowd that is!! They do need to get bigger tables as well, as the steamboat "cooking" thingy already took nearly a whole table. Plus, since it's a buffet, so obviously the table's going to be M-E-S-S-Y!

    The service is good too! Very efficient, as the staff had given us like undivided attention!

    Taste: drinks-sweet , food- a lil bit salty for my taste (BECOZ I'M SENSITIVE to ONLY 2 TASTE)

    OVERALL Rating: 4/5 :)

    They are currently having their promotional buffet which costs at RM39.90/head.

    Check them out on FB : Nelayan Village

    Good outing for food and company. Cheerios!!