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Monday, November 21, 2011

Snippets of My Week

It all started last weekend, with my first "visit" to Hennessy Artistry.

The came Tuesday night, (15.11.2011), a surprise "party" for Richard ( @richardT30 )was held.

I crushed his "hopes" of going back late on his birthday. On Wednesday (16.11.2011), we celebrated his birthday with a dinner at TGIF at Curve.

On Thursday, there was the Zee Avi concert. Although I had tickets, I had to skip the concert as I need some time to rest and prepare myself for the coming week. I also did not go to the concert because I had to pick up my tickets from @MyDKualaLumpur at SS2, Murni.

Friday, it was time to pay homage to Their Royal Highnesses, the King's and Queen of Comedy Asia 2!

Saturday was also filled with much events!! I had to attend Mixology 'class' thanks to @TimeOutKL.

Followed by Muay Thai The Challenger courtesy of @TourismSelangor

And FINALLY Sunday dawned upon me.... I was invited by @ilovediscountmy to visit Crumbs situated at Pavillion.

MORE MORE "Interesting Pictures" and more detailed posts will be update soon... Like I've said, this is only snippets, a peek into the past week.

Coming up next, Puss in Boots ... Breaking Dawn .... Sausage Fest at Laundry Bar ... And Aladdin Musical !!!

Stay TUNED!!

Oh and Malaysia just won FOOTBALL !! Go #HarimauMuda!!


FiSh said...

i was there for crumbs too :)


Kahmon said...

Hahaha~ Richard looks cute here, Like his specs. XD

Xue Ren said...

wow! so many rewards u got!! I wish i have some too =D

richard said...

LOL thanks for the featuring :D @bendan thanks haha!!