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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Puss In Boots (22.11.2011)

Have you seen this cutie pie??? Guess what!! HE IS BACK!!!

Do they look similar?


See See!!! See they look alike?? I found these little kittens behind the kitchen area. And I went SNAP SNAP SNAP!! That was just how much I anticipated this Premier Movie Screening!!

Now all grown up and with much macho-ness...

Thanks to @Nuffnang, I was able to watch this for F.R.E.E !

This movie talks about this orphaned kitten who grew up in a small town and started befriending Humpty Alexander Dumpty. Humpty is a big dreamer and is highly focused on achieving his goal. As they were growing up, Humpty got corrupted by greed and money that he lost sight of what truly matters.

Even after many years, Humpty did not give up on his big dream, which was to find the magical beans which was helped on to by Jack & Jill. The magical beans was to be planted, only to grow to the heavens so that one could climb up and retrieve the golden eggs from the geese. With Puss's help, Humpty managed to achieve that long time dream of his, through deception, once AGAIN!
I feel that the movie was about MIXTURES; mixtures of a few fairy tales and of its values. The movie portrayed elements of love & hate, honesty & deceit, friendships, passion & love.

I believe that this movie has brought us back in time to our childhood when we all aspire to become someone great, to dream the impossible.

I would give a rating of 6/10. There were funny moments, there were more exciting moments. However, there were also draggy boring moments that it did not stop me from taking a short nap. I guess I just expected more out of this.

Main casts :-


Kian Fai Koh said...

yah got mixture hahah 2nd part of the magic bean movie XD