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Saturday, November 12, 2011

[FOOD] Review: Nelayan Village, Sunway Giza

So last Thursday, I went to a food review together with a few other bloggers.

We were invited to eat and do a review at Nelayan Village @ Sunway Giza in Kota Damansara. I can bet many of you guys have never heard nor seen this place. Well, coz it's NEW! Just a little 1 month old to baby to date!! I take this opportunity to thank I LOVE DISCOUNTS (twitter @ilovediscountmy )

Seen this man?? WANTED!

Operations Manager, Jerome

So you might be asking, SO, what is their speciality?


Here are some pictures that I took to show what kind of food that is available IF you come and EAT your heart out!! I know you will!


Types of Topping for Desserts

uncooked food...

Fresh seafood ain't it

Ok... Here are some pictures from my friend, Benjamin, who also was there with me... I stopped taking pictures COZ THE FOOD WAS COOKING and I got busy EATING!

The ambience here is not bad at all! Well, if minus the crowd that is!! They do need to get bigger tables as well, as the steamboat "cooking" thingy already took nearly a whole table. Plus, since it's a buffet, so obviously the table's going to be M-E-S-S-Y!

The service is good too! Very efficient, as the staff had given us like undivided attention!

Taste: drinks-sweet , food- a lil bit salty for my taste (BECOZ I'M SENSITIVE to ONLY 2 TASTE)

OVERALL Rating: 4/5 :)

They are currently having their promotional buffet which costs at RM39.90/head.

Check them out on FB : Nelayan Village

Good outing for food and company. Cheerios!!


Psylancer said...

Shaun, is the place halal? Am planning to suggest that for my next team lunch LOL

Nikel Khor said...

Malay buffet dinner, seem like very special... Have to try this out

Anne Lee said...

aww,the desserts make me drooling.

FiSh said...

wow lots of nice food there! nextime i wanna join the review too :P

Isaac Tan said...

lots of pictures. Nice! :)