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Friday, December 18, 2009


I believe the Malaysian Government is doing great in some areas on national integration under the 1Malaysia concept; most recently by the condemnation of Utusan Malaysia by Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz, Minister in Prime Minister's Department. He condemned Utusan Malaysia, an UMNO-owned newspaper of being racist and outdated, that the newspaper should start recognising that Malaysia is a multicultural country, not only for Malays but for others as well.


I hope that the Malaysian government will continue its good governance without looking at creed, colour and/or religion , for example in the Herald case, the stand on minarets in Swiss [Malaysian government should be fair to Roman Catholics as well, as it took them 20 years just to build a church in Shah Alam, and its condition was that the church doesn't look like a church but a factory]. Fairness ?? Malaysian government, do your job well :)

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

09 holidays part [1]

Holiday has been filled with events, yet at the same time, filled with work.

I went to Penang for my cousin's wedding in November. It was on the 29th, a Sunday. It was seriously one of the most dramatic wedding I've been too as it was filled with much family drama. Like totally drama, right from the moment we reached Penang. Aunt Sheena caused a commotion by walking away, while we were out finding a place to have our lunch. There were many other arguments between my cousins with her bf, another with her husband. There were even 2 wedding cars on the day of the wedding. I followed the the entourage to Taiping to get the bride, then back to Penang. Being part of the bachelors, I had to so some humiliating stuffs;wearing girls underwear, drink milk from a baby bottle, and also passing from one end to another end a cold hard boiled egg in another bachelors pants. All in all,it was fun but really tiring as I travelled from Malacca-Penang-Taiping-Penang-Malacca-KL.

[More pictures of Penang trip to come.]

I went to Pavillion before Ipoh trip and met with Raam's cousin, a chef in The C. Club. Ate really good food and expensive at that.

As for last weekend, I went to Ipoh for a change. I was there mainly for the 20YAC dinner (20th anniversary) and dropped in for the 19th Nationals Lasallian Leadership Convention. Had some "trouble" but Kahon managed to keep it cool. I found out from the start but acted cool about it also. It was regarding my stay at LSC. So I stayed at Kahon's place instead. I enjoyed my time there as I managed to spend quite some time with Moira and Kahon, while getting to meet some Lasallian's that I've not been meeting for some months or years long. Moira brought me to Jusco to watch The New Moon, and dinner at a hawker stall near her place on Friday night. Saturday morning was spent alone, had breakfast at Ipoh Barat, with the famous Ipoh white coffee. Kahon did bring me out to have soya bean and tau fu fah?? Lunch was at KFC with Bro. Michael Kum and Moira. Dinner at 20YAC. As for Sunday, Kahon brought me to have breakfast, then off to LSC. After mass,I followed Moira to Ipoh Parade to get a picture frame. Rushed back to LSC thereafter to the train station. All in all, I am satisfied with my decision to go there. Manage to catch some cool pictures too ;p

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09 holidays part [2]

pictures from Pavillion~

toilet - The C. Club
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09 holidays part [3]

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

lunch with Feli + politics

Yesterday(8/12/09; Tuesday)
Went to MV with Felicita to have lunch at SpaghettiFarm while my sample substrate was cooling down. We basically caught up a little before she went for SuperCamp in Negeri Sembilan, then home for Christmas. Talked about my relationships etc.
What caught my attention about what she said was, I might behave like a younger person, but think like someone much older. Well, coming from someone like her, I am utterly surprised. She herself sounds much more matured compared to me. Most people mistaken her age to be around 24-25 when she is only 22(same as me).
She told me to pray about things. Anything, everything, pray about it. Reminding me that it might sound so "cheezy" and all that but pray about it.
She was being a good friend. Thank you for your concerns, Felicita.


On another matter, I read from The Malaysian Insider dated 8 Dec:-
I am very disappointed with some Malay quarters who is being so extreme, radical, overzealous people. I think that their minds are so terribly distorted that even Communist seems not that bad. Have a look.

Already in the past, this group of radicals have protested using cow head(1), now the leader of these protesters have characterized Malays and non-Malays as first class and second class citizens. Reason being that before Malaysia was formed, this 'bolehland'(2) was Tanah Melayu.

One can only wonder, why even in this 21st century, mindsets such as this still exists. I study in a university filled with Malays. My laboratory supervisors are both Malays, my friends in my lab are Malays mostly, all of which are certainly most kind and thoughtful, what more friendly. All of us view each other first as friends, lab mates first; we never view each other by our race, colour, creed or religion.

What is more disturbing, this radical protesters do not even know how to differentiate race and religion.
"By questioning Malays supremacy, he is questioning the Sultan’s supremacy because he is the head of Islam," said Ibrahim.
Does this show how "wise" people err? Enough said.

(1) Cow is a sacred animal in the Hindu religion. Initial protest with the cow head was to protest the relocation of a Hindu temple to a Muslim majority area in Shah Alam, Selangor.
(2) 'bolehland' comes from the slogan "Malaysia Boleh!" loosely translated as Malaysia Can! 'bolehland' is meant as insult or rather sarcasm where in Malaysia, everything and anything goes.

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