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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

lunch with Feli + politics

Yesterday(8/12/09; Tuesday)
Went to MV with Felicita to have lunch at SpaghettiFarm while my sample substrate was cooling down. We basically caught up a little before she went for SuperCamp in Negeri Sembilan, then home for Christmas. Talked about my relationships etc.
What caught my attention about what she said was, I might behave like a younger person, but think like someone much older. Well, coming from someone like her, I am utterly surprised. She herself sounds much more matured compared to me. Most people mistaken her age to be around 24-25 when she is only 22(same as me).
She told me to pray about things. Anything, everything, pray about it. Reminding me that it might sound so "cheezy" and all that but pray about it.
She was being a good friend. Thank you for your concerns, Felicita.


On another matter, I read from The Malaysian Insider dated 8 Dec:-
I am very disappointed with some Malay quarters who is being so extreme, radical, overzealous people. I think that their minds are so terribly distorted that even Communist seems not that bad. Have a look.

Already in the past, this group of radicals have protested using cow head(1), now the leader of these protesters have characterized Malays and non-Malays as first class and second class citizens. Reason being that before Malaysia was formed, this 'bolehland'(2) was Tanah Melayu.

One can only wonder, why even in this 21st century, mindsets such as this still exists. I study in a university filled with Malays. My laboratory supervisors are both Malays, my friends in my lab are Malays mostly, all of which are certainly most kind and thoughtful, what more friendly. All of us view each other first as friends, lab mates first; we never view each other by our race, colour, creed or religion.

What is more disturbing, this radical protesters do not even know how to differentiate race and religion.
"By questioning Malays supremacy, he is questioning the Sultan’s supremacy because he is the head of Islam," said Ibrahim.
Does this show how "wise" people err? Enough said.

(1) Cow is a sacred animal in the Hindu religion. Initial protest with the cow head was to protest the relocation of a Hindu temple to a Muslim majority area in Shah Alam, Selangor.
(2) 'bolehland' comes from the slogan "Malaysia Boleh!" loosely translated as Malaysia Can! 'bolehland' is meant as insult or rather sarcasm where in Malaysia, everything and anything goes.

ShAuNnY BoY:P ~


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