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Saturday, October 16, 2010


Oct 15th, Friday

Yesterday, I had a very productive day.

Started the day very early with time alone, breakfast, classes and lastly social outing!

At around noon, someone special came to pick me up at University LRT. First time meeting, but not soooo new to each other.

Went out for lunch at Tony Romas + movie + Starbucks

All in all had a great time with the special someone :)

At night, went out for dinner with housemates+friends at Ming Tian.

Some chit chat session as usual.

I observe that my life has been quite eventful, colourful, and loads of chit chat with friends.
My life wasn't so full of wonderful gifts for a number of years since I came to KL.

I was happy. I am happy :)

p.s no authorization to use the photo of the special someone .. lolx