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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Lets talk abortion...

What do you think about abortion? When does life start? This are questions that we, as human beings, should ponder about. For some people, the argument that abortion is a RIGHT of the women to dispose of her baby while for some, they argue that babies should be given a chance to live. So what do I have to say about this?

Lets start the discussion with life. When does it start? Can we consider that an embryo (a 'cell' that forms after sperm and ovum has combined) a living 'creature'? For a very long time, I've been struggling with this questions. The Catholic Church proclaims that life starts at conception. As for my personal opinion, I think that an embryo is just another bodily cell. But as a Catholic, I am obliged to state the church's teachings. However, that's not the point. The point is, from this essential question derives another important question that we are discussing - abortion ~ the taking away of an innocent life.

For a very long time, I have hold on to my personal opinion that abortion should be allowed, in CERTAIN cases only. For example, I thought that if a women conceives a baby by having sex out of wedlock, the women should be held responsible for the child (as sex is of her own choice) and she must carry the pregnancy to term. However, if a women was raped, she should be given a chance to live without shame; be given the space to move on by aborting the RAPIST's baby. I hold on to that belief and conviction for sometime now.

BUT within these few month, i just woke up one day and decided that abortion should be RULED OUT altogether. Why a sudden change of heart? I've read some articles and all that didn't change what I thought of abortion but why now? It's basically simple. My 'decision' was on the basis of humanity; on the basis of sense of VALUE towards life; on the basis that life COMES from GOD. LIFE IS A GIFT. Life is not a 'material' to be owned, or to be played with. Abortion also will cause the baby to feel a whole lot of pain before the baby return to its Creator. Why deprive a LIFE a chance to live? Maybe, one may argue that if one is raped, how can we let her go through the shamefulness, pain and emotional turbulence? My question is, how can humanity be so self-centered & so selfish, and isn't killing wrong? One option a women can take is, after giving birth to the baby, give it up for adoption. That's a more dignified action as humans are the highest & most inteligent form of God's creature.

And about life, does it start at conception? I've no idea :P I'm not done thinking yet ... haha

Signing off,

+ shaun ~

(20/3/08) Thursday @2.29pm
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Anonymous said...

you must have thought really hard before you decided that you should write about abortion.i use to struggle with similar question too...i feel somewhat the same way as u do for abortion...dun think it's right...but sometimes, i feel it's easy for us to say that abortion is wrong because we're not seeing from her shoes...despite saying that, abortion is still sth i can't agree with bcuz it's almost impossible for me to not love that child in whomever it, how can they not love it..i still can't decide clear cut on what is truly right as i don't want to judge the person in the process of it..juz sharing my opinion...With time, i think God will reveal to us what's right...just gotta be attentive..have a meaningful holy week...

Anonymous said...

it's a difficult easy to say no, it's a bad not do it... but unless we are in that situation, it's difficult to know what the best thing to do is. I feel that it's a very personal issue and at the end of the day, it's between that person and God. Just my two cents' worth. hehe. ;) happy easter!