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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Nim's Island

Nim's Island... sounds interesting ... but would you go the the cinema to watch it? Well, don't. I just felt that the story was too simple. This girl, Nim, loves to read stories about adventure particularly on Alex Rover. Later on in the movie, her dad met some accident at sea and was kinda lost at sea as well. However, Nim's "friend" , a stock, helped her dad out. When her dad was away, some people came over to the island in search of a good place for tourist to hang out. Nim was unhappy with it and planned to chase away those "foreigners" away from the island. While doing so, she told Alex Rover (Alexandra Rover) of her problem and that she was all alone. Alexandra Rover is the writer aka creator of Alex Rover. Well, she came rushing to the rescue BUT the problem is, she has a condition called borderline... :P ... I remember that I learnt that from Psychology course I took at HELP (HUC). In the end, after much struggle, Alexandra managed to get to Nim but only to be rejected by her. Nothing much happened then her father found his way back with the help of the stock, and met Alexandra on the island.... lives happily ever after ...THE END.


sunday(13/4/08) ; hall-home, malacca