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Saturday, March 14, 2009

FT1 2009

Last weekend has been awesome as FT1 was held in La Salle Centre. It has been approximately 4 years since I last stepped foot into that humble abode which I call ‘home’. The idea of returning to La Salle Centre made me worry a little as I wondered if I could find my place again, being an “old timer”. My fears were unfounded. I did manage to find a few familiar faces there, apart from Eric, Isaac, Bro Vincent and Bro Matthew. Upon seeing many new faces, these ‘brothers and sisters’ of mine were all friendly and kind, opening up their hearts to me.

Human rights (UDHR) were the topic of discussion. Jerald Joseph, a Lasallian himself, facilitated us on the subject matter. Being a prominent human rights activist, he surely has made Lasallians all over proud of him

My time there made me appreciate the Lasallian cause even more. It also made me realize that it gives me more joy and satisfaction than any other organization has to offer me. Apart from that, the distinct character of a true Lasallian also shown forth. Lasallians in general dare to Walk the Talk, while admitting our mistakes in order to improve ourselves.

Though I may not know most of my ‘family’ present there personally, I pray that someday we shall meet again. Till then, take care my brothers and sisters.

Age Quad Agis,

Shaun Damien Fredericks
Son of St. Francis’ Institution