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Friday, May 22, 2009

Issues, religion

In Greece, it was reported that 1000 Muslim immigrants from Muslim countries marched through the city of Athens when a Greek policeman was said that have torn the Quran and trampled on it.

Respect should be given to ALL RELIGION to coexist. Respect should be given to ALL Holy Books. Respect is the foundation on which human vision of true peace rests. Therefore, on that
basis, the Greek policeman has err in his conduct as a government officer and more so as a human being.

However, this Muslim immigrants did not only congregate and have a peaceful demonstration. They destroyed several shop windows and also 5 cars. This bothers me. While ALL RELIGION promotes peace, the Muslim faithful seems to be ignoring this fact and acting like bullies and hooligans. These acts has over and over again tarnished the face of Islam. It is because of these people that Islam is seen and portrayed as a religion of terrorism. This clearly justifies, on the part of the rest of the world, our being "Islamophobia". It seems like where the is Muslims, there are violence and terrorism.

In truth, I do not blame human's shallow mindedness, 'rational deduction' or whatever you might call it because it does seem true. As for me, I think that Islam being a new religion and is fastest growing in our age is clearly going through what the Catholic Church has gone through over the timespan of 2000 years. The phase of 'becoming powerful and influencial' by the number of faithful [majority], and because there is no clear ONE 'administration' in Islam, politicians have over and over again influenced religion for their own benefit. This is no alien thing in the Catholic Church since before Renaissance.

What surprises me is the 'Christophobia' on the part of Islam at times to Islamize anything unislamic or Islamize anything that is Christian in nature. This attitute of "converting" is acceptable to me if we were living in the middle ages but I think people should mature already since we are in a modern technological booming age.

It is more surprising to me that even the secular West feels that way, that is it has to deChristianize its Christian roots and foundation using its 'philosophy' of separation of Church and State. I do agree that there is a need for the separation of Church and State as the Church CANNOT replace the State in its day to day administration. This does not mean that total "privatisation of religion" but the Church must concern itself with faith related administration, taking care of its flock, promoting 'faith in action' and helping her faithful to incorporate their faith into their daily living. The Church cannot replace the State as a secular institution, elected by the people for the people, to govern secular business and stately affairs.

More provoking is its double standard on Christianity and other religions namely Islam. While the West is deChristianizing, it shows no attempts to stop Islam from doing the same that the Roman Catholic Church has been doing all these while ; protecting Islam and hitting hard on its "philosophy" on free speech, freedom of religion etc. When the Roman Catholic Church attempts to speak out on issues, politicians goes on the defence and issues statements that is purely of hate. Just look at hot issues such as abortion, homosexuality, condoms, etc. This is certainly a troubled world.

I am not here to defend the Christian stand on things because it is not my intention to do so in this post but I myself do not agree with some teachings of the Church just yet, probably due to ignorance on my part. However, I try to be as open as I can to the Churches teachings, concepts and philosophy, the what's and the why's of the Churches teachings as the Churches wisdom is of 2000 years old, far surpassing any of our age. Not only that, the Churches teachings are a continuation of what Christ taught.

Coming back to the point, Islam in general, I believe promotes peace. It is people that influences history for their own benefit at the expense of ruining beautiful religions. In this modern technological age, I think Muslims have done SO BADLY in holding up and protecting its image as a peaceful loving religion. All this reminds me of a wise man's [Mahatma Ghandi] saying that sounded like 'Jesus is good but Christians are not' {not his exact words but has the gees of it }.

ShAuNnY BoY:P ~


ZZZManZZZ said...

see? tat is wat happen in our world today.... the ppl are using the religion to gain their own benefits and by the end of the day religion is the one to be blame..

Psyrac said...

Islam is a peaceful religion, if we read the scriptures in history books... But it's the people that are too fanatic. This was also written in history books. Fanatic people(of any religion) can cause destruction to the religion itself.
Bottom line, the practice what you preach and act as you represent your religion's teachings.