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Monday, January 18, 2010

politics, Islam, Christians... (happenings in Malaysia)

I'll been some time since my last post. I have quite a lot of things, thoughts, etc that I came across with pertaining to politics, philosophy, my ideas, my belief.

Its not easy to pen down all these, but I shall start trying from time to time.

For now, I shall talk about politics, politics in MY OWN backyard, my BELOVED Malaysia.

As of Dec 31, 2009, the high court in my beloved country has ruled in favour of the Roman Catholic Church regarding the ban that was placed upon non-Muslim's in general to use the word "Allah" which in Arabic means God Almighty per se.

The Malay-Muslim community has since then protested in mosques over this issue. This has then led to vandalism by throwing paints at Christian schools and 'bombing' of churches with Molotov bombs. However, these NGO's that has protested against the use of the word "Allah" itself has condemned such violent acts and deemed it to be cowardly acts, and has offered to help protect Christian churches.

Arguments from both sides were presented in court, with many proof shown. There were many arguments and point of views given by Malay-Muslims themselves on this 'kalimah Allah'; the liberals and the conservatives alike.

One may say that I may be biased in my thoughts, but I too am of the opinion that the court ruled right. On the basis of history, law and practises of the Christian faith, as well as world wide views and practises, notwithstanding the practises of other non-Islamic religions such as Sikhism.

Here is some thoughts to ponder by social activists and some others (Malay-Muslim's).

I've even watched a forum on a tv news channel, al-Jazeera as well as others. One that I wanted to point out is the forum by Marina Mahathir, a PAS political leader and an Islamic student body.
Marina Mahathir and the PAS leader took the more liberal approach that reflects I believe the true Islam of moderation and understanding, a religion of peace and of knowledge. The idea portrayed by the student body, in this forum as well as another forum that I've watch, is one and the same idea, that is they are afraid that Christians, or rather non-Islamic religions that refers to the ONE God as Allah may confuse Muslims. The student organisation as well as some protesters have been banging on this point over and over, and I sincerely believe that this is clearly unfounded worries. How shallow is one's faith to be confused by Christians (a part of the Abrahamic faith, one just like Islam) ?

Marina Mahathir :- Confident people do not get confused

Dr. Muqtedar Khan :- Prophet Muhammad's promise to Christians
[I highly recommend reading this]

Datuk Lau Bee Lan (high court judge) :- her judgement

Datuk Nazri :- 3 states can use the word "Allah"

Please tell me what is wrong with this statement if the Minister in the Prime Minister's Department (Datuk Nazri) knows his law. This is an ignorant statement of the fact that Federal Constitution trumps State enactments. This coming from a minister whom in my last post praised his stand on racist Utusan Malaysia.

A point to ponder upon people.

ShAuNnY BoY:P ~