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Sunday, February 21, 2010


Feeling a little bit "stressed" out even though classes haven't started yet.
Why? I don't know.

Been reading some books... motivational

First one was by Joe Bateman.. and someone else. title-forgotten ;p

Now embarking on another "The Ultimate Secrets of Total Self-Confidence" by Dr. Robert Anthony.

Just trying to take in as much as I can, trying to be receptive and open to "new" conditions.

Chinese New Year and mid semester break is over.

Met my friends last night at Kota. Loo Ping and her bf, and Khin Fai.

Also met my god brother there. Not really met, saw each other, text message each other but at the same mamak stall. Both trying to be inconspicuous, in his words "scanning" each other.
Glad to have seen him there.

Point to ponder, am I putting myself out in the deep again? making myself vulnerable, AGAIN?
Is 'god sibling-ship' good for me? Can I trust them? Should I trust them?
# talking about vulnerable, the first book I read talks about making ourselves vulnerable to changes, that we might feel... I think that's what it says.. lolx
# the current book, tells people to not let others (outside factor) to affect you.
Totally opposite but both provides valid reasoning.

Another point to ponder...
Been making adjustments to fit into groups...
Acceptable? or just a fact of life? a necessity? or just being a conversationalist?

Casual sex...
Acceptable in today's society? Virginity still the norm? Do people treasure virginity?
A friend of mine, in one of our conversations somehow supported prostitution, or rather gave reasons why sex with a prostitute is acceptable.

How do I rate myself? Conservative or liberal?
I think I'm in between.
Using conservative reasoning yet chooses liberal stance...SO FAR
maybe because this is the only view point I can see from.
Trying to be "open" to changes.

ShAuNnY BoY:P ~


lydon said...

My take on casual sex? First of all, sex is so overrated. If two individuals know what they want and what they are getting into, why not? Word of advice, make sure to use protection at all times. LOL

choulyin.tan said...

lol...ini perkara subjective depends on the individual whether or not he thinks it's worth it. My take on it is that it is. :)

True happiness doesn't come at the first try (sometimes MAYBE it does la), so sometimes you just need to make yourself vulnerable, because in the end, you'll find that true thing, someone who will be worthy of that vulnerability, and loves you enough to not make you hurt again. Lol, ini applies to all types of love ya :p

Oh and just to jump on that little bandwagon, I think it's a thin line how you define sex. lol...virginity mana ada still the norm?

shaun said...

ooppss... chouyinnnnn.. no moer virgin lar.. LOLZ

choulyin.tan said...

wat is that supposed to mean?!?! -.-"

it's just my take maaaaaa :p

and you spell my name wrong -.-" tak cukup kawan ni