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Saturday, May 10, 2008

my days

Foo Cheong trying out... lolz...before going to Poland. But he decided that itz not working...lolz.. look below to see the jacket he bought.
So yea... I finally am done with my least for this semester :P ... my last paper was on Tuesday. Immediately after my exams, Lydia and I went to a shopping (somewhere - don't remember the name! lolz) as they are having stock clearance of some branded goods. Then after that, we went to pick Eunice,An Chee, Mandy and Jessica up. We headed towards One Utama for more shopping... hehe. We spent few hours there eating and shopped for food. It was mostly because on Wednesday, the gals were going to Taman Negara. I wanted to go with them but just too bad, I had Management Team interview on Thursday. So after hours of food hunting, high and low, we decided to go back home as we were all tired. While at home, Eunice, Mandy and Jessica looked through Friendster contact photos reminiscing about the past, how friends have changed their looks, and who has coupled up and who's not. I fell asleep while they were chit chatting. I was damn tired as I only slept for about an hour in the morning before the exam. (some friends came over to Lydia's place to have discussion). So yea, I fell asleep and they waited for me to wake up before going to Paandi's for dinner. Lydia cycled her bicycle worth rm2000+ , while the rest of us walked. At Paandi's, I brought Lydia's bike in the shop as she did not have a chain to chain up her bike. The workers at Paandi's were like all staring and making noise at me but i couldn't care less. I just brought in the bike and placed it as a corner and i think its worth about rm2500 :P Later on the workers were all staring and admiring the bike to the point that one of them even came to me asking me about the bike. They all assumed that it was my bike... :P and I said that it was worth rm2500. After dinner, we went back and we just sat down talking and talking and talking until early morning.

Was basically a boring day. I was in my room most of the time... sleeping and resting as I wanted to recuperate from not sleeping during exam times. I guess thats a mechanism for all of us right...lolz... post exam mechanism^^. In the evening, I went for evening mass and then waited for Melvin to fetch me. We were supposed to head towards The Curve. However, he came late... I dont know why... Horng Cherng tagged along. Since he came late, there was a traffic built up heading towards Bandar Utama. So we decided to have our dinner at Taman Megah (Ming Tian) instead. Horng Cherng ate the most... lolz... and hmmm .... we didn't make it to The Curve but it was ok :P after dinner, once again I was tired. So basically laze around in my room as I was still tired.

Woke up about 11 a.m. and get myself ready for AIESEC Management Team interview. Interview was FABULOUS, AWESOME & FUN :p My interview was at 1 p.m. After my interview, all of us went to Mc D's at Section 14. Foo Cheong had to go the the Public Bank to do some transaction BUT he forgot to bring his NRIC. haizz... We got summoned rm100 for not putting up the time card (from MBPJ). (@@) then we went back to AIESEC office at 3 p.m. Chee Guan had his interview. I met Prudence and Jolene after that. We were there for a meeting at 3.30 p.m. but Foo Cheong didn't turn up until 4.30 p.m. He went to MBPJ to pay the summon and went to the bank once again to get the transaction done. We had quite an intense meeting till bout 6.30 p.m. It was intense as it was quite new to us, the Management Team. We then headed to MV to help Foo Cheong get some last minute shopping done. BUT just before we left, a bird decided to have its DROPPINGS DROPPED ON ALIF'S HEAD :p lolz..he then washed it with shampoo on the road.lolz. Then we headed off to Strawberry Field Cafe to meet the AIESEC Malaysia Committees ( all UM'ers except Daryl from TBS). It was basically a meet to forge good ties between the Local Committee and the Member Committee. Finally, we went home after dinner.

So, thats basically what I did, what I busy doing and will be busy doing in future :P

my shoutout goes to FRIENDS who are sitting for their midterm examinations :P and those graduating... GOOD LUCK!


signing off,