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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

OMG, Christmas is SOOO near ... lol

ar... only last night bought my shoes ..and saw my lil bro
apparently he was at DP carolling...
i saw him but he didn't see im the lucky one.. i think ;p
couldn't stop by coz it was getting late, 9p.m.
and i needed to rush to get my shoe
before today...

today is the day where Christians all over the world (mostly) would go to church for midnight mass, dressing up VERY well
to usher in the Lord Jesus.

Born is the King of Israel
Emmanuel, God is with us
Christ the King
Lord of Lords
Prince of Peace
Son of the Living God
born in a manger
a humble abode

haa... can't wait for Christmas now ... lol...
finally i'm getting into the Christmas cheer
but new semester is starting too .... aww ... lol
let's take one step at a time (like Jordin Spark's song ;p)
and let's just look at Christmas first... worry about others later on

ShAuNnY BoY:P ~


mike said...

great. you're a christian.. i used to think christianity is not allowed in malaysia. lol.