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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Real Steel


So I managed to catch the premier screening of Real Steel by Nuffnang. Thankkkkkkkkiiiiieeeeeeuuuu Nuffnang!!

And what is the take home message from all this?

In this movie, Hugh Jackman acted as Charlie Kenton, who played a stubborn, arrogant, no worries kinda guy, a fighter who cares less about what the future holds. Long story short, his X-gf died and the battle for his son's custody began. Instead of fighting for custody, he sold his son to his X-gf's sister, who married a rich guy. Although he sold his son off, he managed to catch some father-son time in the fighting robot ring.

This movie showed me the thin line between being stubborn and greedy VS persistence. This value was portrayed by Max Kenton (Dakota Goyo) when he was persistent is getting a fight, training the robot and succeed in climbing the winning ladder.

What also struck me was the part when Charlie Kenton realised his LOVE for his son,Max. Charlie, being the bigger man, who has already wronged his son, tried making things right with him.