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Friday, June 6, 2008



My parents bought me a 2nd hand car for my use in university - so that I dont have to walk in and out of university ^^

I bought a coat for myself... parents paid for it though :P

It has been about a month already that I've not been studying , another 1 month to go :P
My life is all about eating and sleeping these days^^
sleep ALL day and UP all night ~ ruined my biological clock d :(
sometimes I feel that I am wasting my life away, but I need time "off" :P ... maybe too much d..
I spoil myself... haha

I went for NPC/NAC ~ met some new 'friends'

and going for NATCON on the 20th - 26th June 08
Skipping my cousin's wedding for it ... He's getting married on the 21st

Trying to think, meditate, clear my head, appreciate, and do all my "mojo" lolz...
answering questions of "life" ... I do get it wrong sometimes have to keep on thinking

~about not dwelling on death
** I think we should think of death, ponder on it yet not dwell too long on it
because life is a journey, not the destination. Death, heaven, hell and judgments is our destination, our 'goal'. Thats where we are heading every milisecond of every day. We should keep death in mind so that it serves as a reminder, warning, an encouragement and motivation for us to live life to the fullest, celebrating life as it is.

And my favourite question on friendship... cliche yet always relevant
I don't have a clear cut answer... people come and people go...
some are close , some are not. Sometimes we treasure a person, but that person doesn't
reciprocate that 'love' that we shower upon them... The worst part is we have no control over it. No point forcing ourselves on them,
therefore just let it be, however it is easily said than done...
What we should do is get on with life...
and we sometimes wonder, what if at the end of our lives, we feel empty inside, thinking about these "friends" we've had, and get devastated by it ...
So live life, fill it to the brim, finding meaning and enjoying what you do... so that in the end, we can say to ourselves... I am contented, I am satisfied, and I'm ready to meet the Lord.

I watched NUMB3RS yesterday, I think, and something struck me most... We humans tend to cling on to things... In the series, the guy clinged on to power...fear of losing power, was always fearful because his younger brother (smart ass) overshadowed him. He feared that his 'juniors' he trained would be independent of him, he fear that he, in time to come, will not be needed anymore, that one day his team would be able to function well without him there, without tumbling down. The lesson he learnt was that he should instead be joyful and happy if his team does great at their field work because they are after all his 'product' .
So we should take heed of the lesson learnt. That we should not be afraid of letting go of something in order to embrace something greater. That we should be able to come out of our comfort zone, letting go, not clinging to things, to accept new things.

I have much to learn, I admit.