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Monday, June 16, 2008

Dignity of the human person is the foundation of respect

Few days ago, I came across an article. The story goes like this.

This man, after losing his Baptism certificate, decided to contact the parish priest to get a new copy. The priest took some time finding it for him, then decides to call him back to let him know that his batism certificate was ready. The man then went to collect the certificate. Unable to meet the man, the priest then decided to give the gardener to hand the certificate to the man instead. The man then decides to get angry at the priest and wrote to The Herald (catholic weekly newspaper). The man argued that the his baptism certificate was seen as something worthless because the priest had no time to hand it over to him personally and had to get it from a mere GARDENER.

The answer from the columnist was that he was wrong to look down on the gardener. And that a dog can be trained to hand over a document to him.

Respect comes from the dignity of the human person and NOT from his occupation. A person should not be respected because he or she is a doctor, a lawyer, a priest, a religious, a prime minister or whatever position one holds. Even if he is the pope. Occupation does not in any way define who a person is or even speak of the person. That is a FACT. No one should be treated with disrespect due to his or her job. That is a FACT. A job is NOT life. That is a FACT. A job is NOT the person. That is a FACT. And facts leave no room for possibilities.

A person must be respected because of who he/she. A person must be respected because everyone is born with the dignity of a human person. A person must be respected because with everyone is born in the image of God and is a child of God.

This is the minimum respect that a person should get from anyone else. To be treated with dignity.

I know that society places pressure on people. I know that these pressures gives false impression of things, and it is these pressures that make worldly things godly. Wrong perception that lies to us saying, smart kids go to universities and earn big money, hold high offices in society, driving big cars and owning magnanimous houses and properties. These are LIES people!! LIES I tell you.

So step back and think. Reflect. If you were from the "lower strata" of society, would you be offended? I surely would be.