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Sunday, October 19, 2008

"clubbing" with senior citizen's at church hall ^^

went "clubbing" with citizens on a saturday night

calis, moira, carol, uncle isaac and i went to help out with the senior citizen's fellowship
i look at senior citizens and i cant help but notice how beautiful those people are... to have aged gracefully... seeing the lines on their faces, the sadness in their eyes...and their faces, their suffering... my heart is so soft to feel their boredom waiting for their children at the basement for their children, and inability to do certain things, and how cute they can be... haha
they played an old game... the statue dance ^^ and many of them played well ... ^^
May God bless them all!!!
i can only wonder how i would be...


carol stanley said...

Being talked about like we are aliens..Just remember kids..someday you will look in the mirror and see those lines...