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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

random post >.<

okiez ... this is my car after I hentam sama the pillar ...

take 1
take 2
take 3

This is two pictures of "kuih raya" that I got from a muslim friend of mine... She passed it to me on Monday, after raya ^^ i ate some before taking this

my first time receiving ... I ... thank you, Illy!!!

Selamat Hari Raya!!!

A very nice gesture of peace and harmony between Islam & Christianity

Malaysia Truly Asia ^^

Allah bless you, a peacemaker ^^

this is calista ... we went to city harvest church then to sunway pyramid for lunch, tea and dinner ..this is one of the poses that we were taking ...for a competition ...lolz ... oh yea, this is taken in a korean restaurant in sunway pyramid.

my first ever competition that involves my ... no wait ... I entered a competition when i was a baby too ... but that doesnt count lar.. i wasnt aware ^^ I can show u the photo

the picture below is me in my car... checking my hair, if its "kemas" for class...lolz

the piture above is the thingy that i ordered for moira's birthday dinner... ate at a japanese restaurant in The Gardens ^^