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Saturday, October 18, 2008

a journey called MY life ^^

life is not easy. if it was easy,then you are on the wrong side of the road.

this is one of the quotes i remember among many other quotations and poems dear to me... the poem ... not to be published anywhere until my brother's birthday has come to pass...lolz ... its gona be his birthday present [**although ive shared with other ppl before, it was shared on special occasions only **]... with some other things that i have in mind, and have already made some arrangements to get it .. ^^ i know its in a few months time... Jan 24th.


went thru alot, from young till older

walking the road called life

touching peoples life, and hurting some

from deep down i apologize

maybe not in words do i say out loud

but i do, i do feel remorse over spilled milk

sorry seems to be the hardest word

people come and people go

i came to and fro

a traveller i might say

reaching for the heavens but never really gotten there

in God i trust, i hope not only a lip service

but in action and deed i want to serve thee

a few people went and a few people came

and i got hurt, over and over

yet hoping to rise from those ashes

resurrection came out of those difficult times

yet one stayed behind

one stayed ...

praise be to God Most High

in his word i find my solace

not thinking and ignoring my fears

near yet far, close yet closed

i try and i try

i could only get so far

i pray that someday


someday that all things will fall in place

and i will find my place
to make me feel alive

alive in heaven

like once before...

never the same yet happy

words cannot express

yet Lord i pray

2eace out ;p

location : room, pj
mood : liddat lor ...lolz