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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"afterparty" ?? naah - outing la

my drinks~the coffee and the guava+nata

So yesterday was my last paper...
the 17th of Nov that is ...

ok ... for starters... happenings in my week

my granduncle rested in peace... gone Home to see God..
and basically exams ....
then "afterparty"

ok...DETAILS~ now for my last day of exam

i stayed over at 9th college to study with my coursemate before my last paper.
then sat for exams... i didnt do that well as expected for that paper... hmmm
but at last, it ended!!!
quotes from Moira Lim -the walking calculator

anyways, had lunch date with my coursemates after exams at Mc D's at The Curve
took a wrong turn while going there as we went to kelana jaya first to send another coursemate home first.. not my fault...lolz .. i was only following a friend of mine from behind
so yea.. happy thoughts... hahaha

first time
  • driving to The Curve
  • spending time with alot of coursemates.... outside UM
  • "celebrating" Ashwin's bday on the last day of exam
  • having so many coursemates sitting in my car...lolz
  • went to sing k at red box ... and with them ...lolz
  • drove home alone
  • met some stranger on my way back at Seremban R&R
  • spoke and exchanged ideas and great convo ... and was recommended to read a book entitled "catch the frog" ...
  • saw alot of Thai Buddist letting go of the floating prayer thingy into PJ park and some ppl dancing to some music of some sort... :)

siew wei and i @ The Curve

ok...i cant remember ady .. lolz ...but i dunno... im jus trying, trying to see the little little things that are great that gives meaning to live

From left : Justin, Ashwin (bday boy) me and Chee Hoe -all coursemates...

EHHH : 2 more person missing... Ding Sze and Ka Chun

ShAuNnY BoY:P ~