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Sunday, November 23, 2008

michael jackson & yoga issue

First things first, Michael Jackson is said to have been converted to Islam???
If it is true, and that he has found peace within his heart that he can better serve God in Islam, then good for him. However, he should beware that at the end of time, Our Lord Jesus Christ might renounce him because he has first renounced Jesus as Lord and Saviour.
However we should continue to pray for this APOSTATE of Christianity that he will someday repent and once again bear witness to our Lord's ultimate sacrifice for all men.

Secondly, Muslims are not allowed to practise yoga because it can erode ones' faith ?? OMG!!! How shallow can one be?? Faith in God comes from within...God grants us help to have faith in Him... and what counts is our bearing witness to divine truth. By reading something or doing something does not at all erodes ones faith in the One True God. It is sooooo shallow minded of the Islamic authorities to ban Muslims from reading the bible because reading it would erode ones faith. If thats the case, the Muslims do not at all have faith and what they are trying to imply is that Christianity is better. I do not say one religion is better than the other because every religion has its own tenets and principals that has GOODNESS as its foundation. And in this case, how does practising yoga, an exercise, erode ones faith???
What anyone could and should do is just not chant the mantra, or replace the mantra with religious pharases from our own religion!!! No Abrahamic religion (Judaism, Christianity, Islam)
can chant out religious praises to other gods... that is a fact; because all bear witness that there is only ONE TRUE GOD. So replace those 'mantras'. I don't see the harm of yoga if it helps keep my body strong and healthy.

ShAuNnY BoY:P ~


don't call me soonkit, call me J... y J? said...

agree. How shallow can a follower be if the belief fades by just doing something basic.

Anonymous said...

Yoga is not an 'exercise'. Look it up!