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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I condemn Ali Rustam's acts

Ali Rustam, Chief Minister of Malacca [a disgrace to the country] the one in white

I am SADDEN, DISGUSTED & DISAPPOINTED with the Chief Minister of my home state, Malacca, which is none other than Mohd. Ali Rustam.

His actions of burning the effigy of the Prime Minister of Israel and the Israeli flag clearly shows that he is NOT!!! I stress again N O T !!!! a good and wise leader. No wise leader would ever resort to lowly, disgusting action. His idiocy speaks it all.

Those stupid actions of his and his supporters are similar to extremists and Islamic militants that fight the "holy war" which to me is VERY VERY unholy.

Taking an innocent life because of difference in belief is NOT justifiable... It never will be.
To die a martyr of ones faith is noble; however no SIN or harm should be caused unto someone else. That is truly what a martyr is.

In this post, I do not support Israel in its conquest of Gaza City, or of any acts of invasion into any sovereign country. In fact, I condemn the attacks as this is not a 'civilian war' but of 2 regimes.

Therefore, I support any attempts to condemn the invasion, at the same time, I implore demonstrators to respect foreign flags. Why?? You yourself would not be happy if someone else burns your beloved national flag.

ShAuNnY BoY:P ~