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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Politics & my solidarity to those in Gaza


Firstly, local news


I'm kind of getting pissed off and tired of politicking that has been going on in Barisan Nasional (Federal Government of Malaysia) [which will be referred to BN in later text] and also the Opposition party (Pakatan Rakyat, PKR-DAP-PAS coalition).

While the BN's defeat in the March 8 election that caused the party to lose 4 states to the Opposition, was "humbled" for a little while, the finger pointing never stopped till this very day.
Nothing has changed in the political landscape as everyone points finger and everyone. Threatening and calling names, trying to point out the other party's mistakes and failures or weak points.

As a citizen, a youth, all I want is true development, mature thinking politicians, that are able to accept defeat and work for the better, not otherwise.

Of recent late, PAS fell back on their word to work for a "welfare state" and wants to work on their initial ideology; that is to implement the hudud and qisas law, which they claim is only applicable to Muslims. However, to implement this law, the requirement is that Malaysia has to become an Islamic state. That is the problem that we are facing today.

While the BN government is always referring to Malaysia as an "Islamic state", our constitution has always maintained that Malaysia is a secular state. DAP has always rejected hudud and the Federal Governments claim to Malaysia being an "Islamic state" as Karpal Singh claims that the Federal Court in 1988 has declared and confirmed that Malaysia is a secular state.

I don't know for sure if this is true, but I have not heard any politician rebut his statements and claims. And I have read before that even the Conference of Rulers and the past politicians have agreed upon Malaysia's conception that Malaysia is a secular state with Islam as its official religion.

While Karpal Singh is standing firm, other DAP leaders are not talking much about it. And what surprises me is that, when Pakatan Rakyat was formed, the initial agreement was that PAS drops its plan to make Malaysia and Islamic state. Now PKR leader, Anwar Ibrahim, is saying that PKR is not rejecting hudud.

This commotion has caused fracture and to me, it makes me lose confidence in the leadership of Anwar Ibrahim in the Pakatan Rakyat, as an Opposition leader. Anwar Ibrahim IS LIKE (I'm not claiming that he is; I'm not passing judgment) a two faced snake that talks what people want to hear at one place, and talks something else when he campaigns at another. I know for sure that many BN leaders are like that also.

I am not stating that I support one party to the other, and I'm not trying to imply anything. But I believe that it's good to have as many Opposition to ensure proper check and balance in the Parliment, and what the government is doing for its people.

While MCA, a component party(racially made up Chinese) of BN, rejects hudud as well, I think its STUPID of its leaders to challenge DAP to state its official stand on hudud as DAP has been voicing out all this while.

I just hope that God will intervene somehow and stop this politicizing of anything and everything.

A word to politicians.


Parliament ain't the place for playing a fool, kidding and talking nonsense, you idiotic hypocrites!!!


On an unrelated international news,

Israel and Palestine...

I just can ask God to intervene through international voices...

My thoughts go out to those suffering and have lost a lot in this very trying times.

May God comfort the families of Israel and Palestinians that have lost their loved ones.
And may God show you His light, to guide you.
May you never lose faith and fall.
May you continue to hope in God.
May God bring about peace.

My 2 candle lights as a sign of my solidarity with the people of Gaza.



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