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Thursday, June 17, 2010

best of both worlds

My worlds are somehow colliding... In a good way I hope. I really hope it is. I'm not really worried, as someone always tells me not to worry. But why I didn't get that chance to build that bridge with stones? Or did I but I just let it pass? I've always prayed for one thing for years with regards to building bridges. My friend pointed out to me that maybe this might be the answer; for my worlds to collide. But still, its not to my liking...not at this pace.

Everybody knows everybody these days. I pray that things will be fine and reach its fruition.

Lord show me Your path laid out for me.

I pray now as I remember the many friends, companions, housemates ;p I've met along the way that have lit my path, to find my way towards You. May You O Lord bless each one of them with success, great faith and courage as they traverse this sinful earth.

Uncomplicate my mind dear Lord as I try to dance to Your new rhythm.