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Sunday, September 28, 2008





bad things that happened
big argument with my didi,vince
accident- car dented
friendship probs
tests not as excellent as I expected
challenges from the Devil
falling from grace

good things that happened
went to 1st ever Lifeline Conference
experienced God's touch-I collapsed and was a BIG cry baby
-no speaking in tongues though
-a part of God's test for me to be patient,hopeful, ambitious and FAITHFUL
good Catholic and non Catholic friends came to celebrate my 21st bday
sooooooooooooooo much fun and laughter on my bday weekend
Moira's virginity to BEER is lost
my virginity to the CAMERA is GONE ... ***poof***
dubbed the WALKING POSER ...
[i used to be finding out my vocation and now i found it after my 21st bday...lolx]
moira=walking calculator, isaac=walking bible, calista=walking dictionary, carol=walking joker
p/s: Dark Night punya joker pun kalah
my bro,vince and I reconciled on my bday
moira's bday-happy moments
spending alot of time with moira, calista, isaac, carol and pris...
entered a photoshoot competition with calista
went to sunway pyramid- eat at korean food, then to Zen for tea, then to TGI for dinner
went to City Harvest but no UUUMMMMMM !!! in service - Jesus missing... lol
went to Monash Uni to support cell group "Monash Catholic Society" from C.K.K.
as requested by Ronald Soo...lolz
then went to Sunway Pyramid to watch MAMA MIA... cool musical movie
-brought back to life oldies songs
went to Genting like small kids arcade...but with money

hmm...what else?? hehe... more good things than bad

ALLELUIA! :P ... hehe

P/S: i love this post

peace out,
Shauny boy^^