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Sunday, September 14, 2008

happy 21st birthday shaun

I celebrated my 21st birthday last week on 6th of September 2008 ...

Thank you guys sooooo much... I had never ever had so much fun+laughter in any of my holiday trips or camwhored like no ones business ...

where ??

Seriously, it was my first time taking loads of photos (375 photos from moira, isaac, carol and priscilla) and more coming soon to my possession from loo ping and sarah ^^

Now, i'm kinda the walking camwhore already (but still finding my vocation :P)... while Moira is the walking calculator, Isaac is the walking bible and Calista the walking dictionary.

So how did it start off?
Friday evening at 4pm- Moira(from Teluk Intan;Perak), Isaac(from Sabah), Carol(from Sarawak) and Priscilla(from Penang) got onto a bus from Pudu Raya, Kuala Lumpur. I also boarded the bus at 4pm but we boarded different buses.


I reached Malacca first and I went home to unpack and all, while "Fantastic 4, {F4}" took a light meal at A&W in Melaka Sentral. Well, F4 reserved Travellers Lodge, but they dont know how to get there... hmmm

So I came back to the bus station to pick them up to bring them "home". Upon getting there, F4 checked out the rooms and were unsatisfied with their accomodation. And according to standard "hotel" procedure, if u reserve, you have to pay. Well, being unsatisfied, F4 decided to flee, making them 'immigrants' in Malacca City...lolz

I got my mom's car and drove them to other accomodation place. After few searches and after my offer to crash at my place, F4 found a place... Comfortable Inn.
We then walked to Jonker Walk to survey the place before shopping begun.
My first 21st birthday song was sung at Jonker Street. ^^
Nothing much happen after that.... lolz..


All of us woke up about 10-11am ish. I went to Comfortable Inn to get F4. We first started off our journey to SFI. They loved my alma mater especially the school chapel. Apparently schools were having classes in order to have a longer holiday for Hari Raya.

We then headed to Jonker Street to have a taste of chicken rice ball. We went to the famous one, opposite OCBC, but many ppl larrr... so we headed to Famosa to eat chicken rice ball. The place is seriously scenic ... beautiful but the food is so-so lar.

Up next, F4 did some small shopping at Jonker. Then we headed to clock tower and St Pauls' hill and took some pictures. Then we headed to Dataran Pahlawan for tea. We sat at Old Town Coffee and I had my 2nd birthday song with a Starbucks cake.

FAST FOREWORD==>> After all that, we headed back to our places to get ready for mass. After mass, we had our dinner at Seoul Garden ^^ ... my 3rd and 4th bday song was sung there.
I met my brother VINCENT there (yay!!) .. lolz..

hmm... then at night we headed back to Jonker to do the real shopping...lolz
Night ended at a bar - opposite Geographer because the owner was singing songs... we saw it to be more lively...lolz. F4 requested a bday song to be sung to me... at12am; which is actually my cousins birthday... lolz ... only at 12.30am did I get my 5th birthday song...lolz .. After the drink, I think the alcohol [even though it was only one bottle each] got to their heads...lolz .. they sang the official closing birthday song of my 2 days birthday celebration... :P AT CLOCK TOWER...

So total birthday songs I had = 6songs...lolz ...
photos... alot(375 and growing) ...
videos... alot...5-6 I think...all on youtube.

I really enjoyed F4's company all throughout my weekend with the additional appearance by Loo Ping and Sarah at Seoul Garden ; not forgeting the presence of my LARGE family present for dinner too ... and FEATURING MY LIL BRO ;VINCE and NICHOLAS(aka archie) who dropped by to say HI!! , happy b'day...lolz. I really really enjoyed my birthday. AND TIRING ALSO!!!

SUNDAY (post b'day)
F4 went to revolving tower in the morning.... then they came over to my house for lunch...
Portuguese style^^ then balik to busy KL...


Moira Lim said...

haha....thanks to u too for a memorable time in the town of rich heritage!