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Saturday, September 27, 2008

hatred towards israel ???????

Hatred Towards Israel

In the history of the Jews, they have always been hated and discriminated.


Britain=Proved in the Magna Carta

France=During Napoleon's reign


The Roman Catholic Church=Crusades(allowing the killing of Jews)

Rome=Driving the Jews from Israel

[this has been quoted from]

This clearly is a false sense of accusations.

The Holy Roman Catholic Church has never, in my knowledge, been against the Jews in any way possible. The Roman Catholic Church,I believe all Christians as well, has always look towards the Jews(Judaism) with much respect as we see them as the people of God, in the old covenent. Thus making them our older "brother" in God's holy plan. I would really like to see prove that this accusations are backed up with much FACTS ; which leaves no room for DOUBTS or POSSIBILITIES.

this link is to which is a website of news-articles refering to pope pius saving the Jews during war. If i am not wrong, even pope paul ( "hitler's pope" ) sent directives to churches to fake Jew's baptism certificates to save their lives... i am still finding info on this, will update this post when i do find more 'evidence'


peace out,